Thursday, July 27, 2006

musings of a hippo

You know you've gained a lot of weight when:

The 'relaxed fit' T you bought from Aeropatel suddenly seems like a 'baby fit' tee.

Your arms develop bat wings.

An aquaintance stops you and asks with an awwww expression..'are you pregnant'?

I hereby pledge to starve myself from now until the time I have delivered the 20 lbs of fat that gave her that impression.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I wonder.

I wonder if the birds eye view of my car's windshield resembles a toilet bowl in anyway...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I miss my sister

And that too on Orkut. For the past few weeks the girl was really active on orkut. Now I dont get a single scrap today! :( what could be wrong? What could make this girl so elusive suddenly? I wonder...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Attempt at food blogging

I have been cooking quite a bit these days, and visiting food blogs. A friend of mine even started one! But since I dont have the dedication for a single topic, I decided to include something I made into this one.

So here's a no-nonsense no loss in calories or brain cells dessert.

I call it the

Easy Lazy Pineapple Dessert. (How imaginative)

The original recipe is taken from the Food Network, something I saw on my flight back from New York.

My recipe uses a pie crust as a base, because I dont have bowls in the house. I also did not use rum, mascarpone cheese or pine nuts. But the essence of sauteing the pineapple is what I liked in the above mentioned recipe.

The ingredients are:

1) Pie crust. ( the kinds you get next to the pillsbury biscuits in the breakfast section in the supermarket)

2) Crushed Pineapples.

3) Banana

4) Reddi Whip

5) Chopped Walnuts

Pre-heat oven at 450F for 10 mins, glaze a glass pan with butter and unroll the pie crust on to it. Cut into slices. Bake for 15 mins.

While thats going on, in a pan add 1 tsp butter and add the pineapple (drain the juice from the can) and the banana. Lightly saute for 6-7 mins and mash the banana at the end.


Remove the crust from the oven. cool. Add the pineapple mix onto the pie crust to completely cover it. The circle the outside with reddiwhip and add one blob in the center and 5 around the center blob. (decor according to your taste =) ).

Add walnuts on the reddi whip. Generously.

Serve immediately, or the crust will become soggy.

I would have added a pic, but I ate it up and now theres none =( .. hehe no actually I have it, but I cant find my USB cord to upload the pic. Maybe next time.

Any improvements you can think of, please leave in the comments box, or email me!

Yay, Grey!

Confession: I stay awake to watch access hollywood. I was really happy to see on 'Access' the other day that my current favorite series Grey's Anatomy has been nominated for the most number of Emmys this year. ( think its 11, including best drama series)

The series is a more tolerable Scrubs and has some ER in it..add to it a strong female cast and soapy story lines in addition to the medical drama.. (Infact, my neurologist aunt told me ' We doctors really don't talk that much in the hospital.. we have to run around 10 times as much as they show in this show... they just dont have a grip on reality.'). But then, would I watch a series about docs just running around??

So anyway, though I really like the series, and am happy I have something to root for. I don't like Ellen Pompeo, or her character Meredith. And I don't really like McDreamy either. In fact, I would love it if they got together again so that Dr.(Mrs) McDreamy (how desi) can get back with Dr. McSteamy, who apparently is coming back to the show. ( I also go to forums for this series.. gosh! I should really be working on my research instead).

I love all the other characters.. including Alex, though I am not too fond of George.. too boring for me. Yang, along with Burke ( In fact, HE is the McDreamy/Steamy whatever for me) and Bailey are folks who get me back every week. And I am so happy for Sandra Oh (yang) and Chandra Wilson (Bailey) that they got nominated for their supporting roles. And happy that Ellen ji did not. (beechee)

Only hoping that this series doesn't go the Desperate Housewives way. NO nominations this year apparently. (except for the lady with the crazy!) That series was just getting out of hand..good for me..I dont feel like I am cheating on DH when I skip it to watch GA later. :)

PS: I also buy USweekly on the newstands but something tells me its too late to dissect Tomkat and Branjelina now. Wait till the wedding. I'll have something up by then. =)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

My portable cutie

Rashmi has asked on her blog a few questions about desktop vs a laptop. And as I was writing a comment to her post, I realized that well; that first, I don’t go to classes anymore.(yay!) thus my experience is a lil unrelated…but more importantly my little baby deserves a post dedicated to her.

And that’s what this one is about. My Laptop.

I own a 700m. Bought for $999, approx 1.5 years ago. I used to have a desktop before that for one year, but as time went by the need for mobility increased and a laptop became a necessity. Thus, Rashmi, if you read this.. I didn’t need a laptop when I was taking classes.

My department pays us a decent stipend. And so expects each of us to own a laptop. And there is good reason for that. You don’t get it to school for one day and you realize how handicapped you become. As a PhD student, you end up collecting tons of literature and data.( whether that data is useful or junk, is another story). And it’s good to have it all in one place. When I have to meet my boss, I can just take my laptop to her office and show her all my raw data and analysis, and if need be, pull up an article from the net and discuss it right there and then. If we have new ideas, just jot them down and do a search right there. It cuts down all the emailing back and forth.

For presentations, again. Everything is in one place. If you burn a CD of a presentation, you cannot make last minute changes. When students in our lab go for conferences etc, we have rehearsals for them. Changes can be made to slides right there and stored. And of course, since your data is all there, just adding a slide isn’t too difficult.

And of course! Mobility. Thanks to laptops, I was able to submit my research proposal AND get married in the same month. We left for India on Dec 15th, got married in the last week of December and my proposal was due Jan 15th , the day I was to return to the US. This would not have been possible had it not been for my 700m, Ashish’s laptop universal adapters which work all over the world. I typed my proposal literally on three continents, 2 airports, 2 planes, my house and my sasuraal. Thankfully I did not take it to my honeymoon, just because that would have been a tad too much. Would I have been able to do that with a desktop? I think not. Even if all my data was on CDs/USBs whatever, just the peace of mind that every little piece of data/shit that I will ever need is with my in my hand, and portable, is worth the $999 I spent. My status changed twice over in 2 months. Went from ‘engaged and graduate student’ to ‘married and PhD candidate’J..thanks to Ashish and my laptop . :)

And of course, something I cannot do with my desktop is take it to Niagara Falls. I plan to type out at least part of my thesis sitting at next to the Falls.