Thursday, August 31, 2006

Aww...:) And related thoughts

I have two stations programmed on my car radio.. One is Chumfm ( Some of my girlfriends dont really like that name mind u, it never struck me till someone said ewwww, because I usually call a spade a spade, no euphemisms for me), and the other is Kiss98.5.

So for the past few days, there was this talk on the morning show about how one of their hosts was going to be a dad. How sweet... the lady was giving the guy arbit advice etc...and I wasnt changing the channel...mornings were still 98.5.

But then, the mom went into labor I guess, and got admitted...and thats when I started to get morning sickness. They took the whole show into the hospital, asking the dad how the mom is doing, and what name they have decided etc etc.. ALL the time I couldnt help but think about the mother to be.. I mean, isnt it stressful enough to have a baby, but then top it with the pressure to perform!And have the dad run to give updates to the whole town?!

And I am really not sure, but I think I threw up in my mouth a lil when I heard the ad that went something like 'Tune in, we will have a baby and a name tomorrow!' I guess the baby went 'ppphttt, I am not coming today, tell ur listeners to come back tomorrow if they care SO much'

I mean seriously, do we need that much information, I guess I didnt expect it in a country where privacy is guarded so much. I wonder what the mother felt about all this?

Anyway, apparently dad and mom gave birth to a lovely little girl..

Congratulations to you! :)

And now I can stop listening to my Himesh tapes and go back to radio. :)


Gujju Gal said...

Himes is better in Stadium Effect in my ride!

Aditya said...

Kiss 98.5 ? Chicago ?!...Well there is one any way...
I prefer The Mix..101.9 or 101.7..something around that..

Sqrl/NT said...

well,Kiss FM is everywhere...:)whats ur url aditya?