Monday, August 28, 2006

Being Cyrus and evidence that I cannot think in one straight direction . I drift..

BTW, being cyrus is a very good movie, you have to watch it with dal rice.(At least thats how I did)

Sailent points:

Saif looks hot as usual and acts well too. ( These days no one is arguing about either of those points so I didnt say anything thats a relief)

Naseeruddin Shah is wasted(Now I feel like a real film critic) Anyone can act stoned.

Dimple? Why dimple! She looks soooo unp-Parsi, trying her level best to imitate the parsi aunties she's seen in her building. So fake ( yeah, like I grew up amongst Parsis...) but she was extremely over the top in her mannerisms and hysteria scenes. (That leaves nothing)

Boman Irani and Heena(I dont even know her real name) were paasable. ( total fillum critic.:) btw, handsup those who think Taran Adarsh is trying his level best to look like K-Jo.. hmm..maybe its just me)

The old man was probably the most real person in the film. (Reminded me of all the senile people I know. Esp P. though P was old (100+) but certainly not senile.)

And I am now saturated with all things Parsi. Just finished reading Ticket to Minto. Will write about that later.

My my. how much I blogged today. 2 whole posts!


Aswin said...

You didn't mention the all-important climax! I thought it was a decent twist.

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