Saturday, September 30, 2006

Betty, Jassi and Me

Sorry Jassi, Betty nahi hai tumhare jaisi.

So I saw the new series Ugly Betty on Thursday, and I liked it..and I wondered why I never liked Jassi.. not that I never saw Jassi the series, but I thought she looked just TOO ugly.

Well, above is a comparison of Betty and Jassi.

Jassi, at least in all the pictures I had seen looks like someone from another planet..the bangs look 'taped on' . I am sure the glasses had to be special ordered..because no one will make those frames and hope to sell them for a profit. nope.

Betty on the other hand has these real bangs, and red, oblongish frame, which in theory would look good.. so it doesnt seem like Betty puts in extra effort to look ugly.. Frankly, to me, she doesn't even LOOK ugly... she looks like ME. who in the world that is SO fixated on 'presentation' and 'image', just gets up in the morning, doesnt comb her hair if she cant find her brush, buys nice looking clothes, but gets it all wrong..and hopes that her wildly smart brain and hard work will shine through anyway.

BTW, I wear a purple eye glasses.

Useless Trivia: Grey's Anatomy is named after the Bible/Geeta/Koran (how politically correct) of most med/wanna-be med students that I know.

Even more useless trivia: My dad and his cousin werent talking to each other for 2 years in college because my dad lost his Gray's anatomy book..

Update of Even more useless trivia: They are on friendlier terms now..wheter the book was found or not.. we dont talk about that anymore. shh

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Download History

Downloaded the very catchy song 'Streetcorner Symphony' from iTunes. ( the 'come on ovvver' tune in ABC's Thursday night promo)

And noticed that according to iTunes, Backstreet Boys qualifies as 'Adult Contemporary'..(nooo... I wasn't trying to download any of their shitty tunes..I just noticed!!)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Getting desperate, Desperate Housewives??

Looks like DH is seriously running out of ideas... or is lazily paying a tribute to one of the better (complementing a strike-through) shows of the recent past... not sure ..

In the 'much anticipated' (I don't know by who) season premiere, we have the girls chatting over lunch/brunch...and Bree/Charlotte announces that she is engaged and she and her fiance have not had sex yet since they are saving it for after the wedding...and gabby/Samantha exclaims ' u cant buy a car without a test drive' and guess who the fiance is (didn't catch his name)/Trey of sex and the city! ( Okay, exactly which / show are we watching here??)

At least they could have changed the actor playing Trey.

And at least come up with a new plot than an obsessive husband killing/accused of killing his wife.. that was SO last season (seriously..)

Silver Lining: You can now watch ABC prime-time episodes the next day, online. But I guess the week before won't be available. How will they make money off DVD sales otherwise? heh? heh?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Name's Bond..James Bond.

Mood Swings

For two days I had a high fever, felt jumpy and depressed..

Now I am much better....

I found the remote.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Amazing Dad/Doc...

I was talking to my dad (who is a doc) today and I told him that I was feeling a little feverish... he's like ' well you sound like u have a temp of 100 degrees... u shd do something about it..' I laughed... and then took my temperature as I was talking to him... turns out it was EXACTLY 100 degrees.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Five things to eat before you die

Mandira has tagged me with this meme... a meme I didnt have to think much about.. since I am such a fan of eating anyway ;)

1) Fried Stuffed Pomfret: I am a HUGE sea food fan and this is probably one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. A whole pomfret is stuffed which an amazing coriander/coconut chutney with some othe secret spices. The whole fish is tied with string to hold it together, coated with our usual haldi-mirch masala and fried after coating with rice flour.

2) Chicken Biryani at Palkar's Burger Corner: Yeah,everyone's heard about Lucky's biryani, but we Dadar-ites have this amazing secret. The Palkars have this little shop in one of the tiny lanes in Dadar. We always have this biryani when we have a lot of guests over and mom doesnt want to cook. All she does then is place the order for about 2 kgs biryani (which means they make the biryani with 2kgs of chicken..) and fry up some fish. Yummy party dinner's ready!

3) Sabudana wada @ Prakash: The famous eatery in Dadar. :) These wadas are gigantic! And yummy. Crunchy on the outside, and once you get to the inner part, soft..great with coconut chutney. Btw, Prakash was 'Central Perk' to my grandpa who used to hang out there with his friends after their rounds of walking and gossip at Shivaji Park.

4) Kababs: The ones you get on the roadside at Mahim. I LOVE kababs and have eaten them at many, many restaurants, but somehow, the Mahim ones have stuck ( the ones that my mom is SURE are made from dog-meat, but they taste so yummy anyway).

5) Creme Brule @ Butterwood: I couldn't explain to my friend what exactly this dish is all about. but all I could say was: it's jsut something you HAVE to eat( before you die) and hence its here. :)

*mental burp*

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lonelygirl15 is a fake.. wow! I nevvvvvver would have guessed that if the New York Times would have told me that this morning. But why exactly was this story on the first page of the business day section?! And used up about half the section? Not sure..but this has given me enough motivation to start a fake video blog... at least this way my dream of being featured in the New York Times will come true. Off I go to to look for a good webcam...

And while I was looking for stuff on the LG15 story ( its also featured on CNN! screw deals2buy, I am going to circuit city right now!), I came across this story. A guy who says he wont shave till bin laden in caught. Watch out dude! Going by the way your beard looks right now, you might be mistaken for Bin Laden himself.