Saturday, September 30, 2006

Betty, Jassi and Me

Sorry Jassi, Betty nahi hai tumhare jaisi.

So I saw the new series Ugly Betty on Thursday, and I liked it..and I wondered why I never liked Jassi.. not that I never saw Jassi the series, but I thought she looked just TOO ugly.

Well, above is a comparison of Betty and Jassi.

Jassi, at least in all the pictures I had seen looks like someone from another planet..the bangs look 'taped on' . I am sure the glasses had to be special ordered..because no one will make those frames and hope to sell them for a profit. nope.

Betty on the other hand has these real bangs, and red, oblongish frame, which in theory would look good.. so it doesnt seem like Betty puts in extra effort to look ugly.. Frankly, to me, she doesn't even LOOK ugly... she looks like ME. who in the world that is SO fixated on 'presentation' and 'image', just gets up in the morning, doesnt comb her hair if she cant find her brush, buys nice looking clothes, but gets it all wrong..and hopes that her wildly smart brain and hard work will shine through anyway.

BTW, I wear a purple eye glasses.

Useless Trivia: Grey's Anatomy is named after the Bible/Geeta/Koran (how politically correct) of most med/wanna-be med students that I know.

Even more useless trivia: My dad and his cousin werent talking to each other for 2 years in college because my dad lost his Gray's anatomy book..

Update of Even more useless trivia: They are on friendlier terms now..wheter the book was found or not.. we dont talk about that anymore. shh

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manuscrypts said...

hmm, judging from the bangs, she could be mr.spock's sister too..