Sunday, September 17, 2006

Five things to eat before you die

Mandira has tagged me with this meme... a meme I didnt have to think much about.. since I am such a fan of eating anyway ;)

1) Fried Stuffed Pomfret: I am a HUGE sea food fan and this is probably one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. A whole pomfret is stuffed which an amazing coriander/coconut chutney with some othe secret spices. The whole fish is tied with string to hold it together, coated with our usual haldi-mirch masala and fried after coating with rice flour.

2) Chicken Biryani at Palkar's Burger Corner: Yeah,everyone's heard about Lucky's biryani, but we Dadar-ites have this amazing secret. The Palkars have this little shop in one of the tiny lanes in Dadar. We always have this biryani when we have a lot of guests over and mom doesnt want to cook. All she does then is place the order for about 2 kgs biryani (which means they make the biryani with 2kgs of chicken..) and fry up some fish. Yummy party dinner's ready!

3) Sabudana wada @ Prakash: The famous eatery in Dadar. :) These wadas are gigantic! And yummy. Crunchy on the outside, and once you get to the inner part, soft..great with coconut chutney. Btw, Prakash was 'Central Perk' to my grandpa who used to hang out there with his friends after their rounds of walking and gossip at Shivaji Park.

4) Kababs: The ones you get on the roadside at Mahim. I LOVE kababs and have eaten them at many, many restaurants, but somehow, the Mahim ones have stuck ( the ones that my mom is SURE are made from dog-meat, but they taste so yummy anyway).

5) Creme Brule @ Butterwood: I couldn't explain to my friend what exactly this dish is all about. but all I could say was: it's jsut something you HAVE to eat( before you die) and hence its here. :)

*mental burp*


Anonymous said...

whoa!! thats some food for thought, and otherwise :)

Sqrl/NT said...

Thanks anon ( and leave ur name next time ) :)

mandira said...

Amazing list sqrlnt, i am drooling... How about we make some biryani & kebabs soon?