Monday, September 25, 2006

Getting desperate, Desperate Housewives??

Looks like DH is seriously running out of ideas... or is lazily paying a tribute to one of the better (complementing a strike-through) shows of the recent past... not sure ..

In the 'much anticipated' (I don't know by who) season premiere, we have the girls chatting over lunch/brunch...and Bree/Charlotte announces that she is engaged and she and her fiance have not had sex yet since they are saving it for after the wedding...and gabby/Samantha exclaims ' u cant buy a car without a test drive' and guess who the fiance is (didn't catch his name)/Trey of sex and the city! ( Okay, exactly which / show are we watching here??)

At least they could have changed the actor playing Trey.

And at least come up with a new plot than an obsessive husband killing/accused of killing his wife.. that was SO last season (seriously..)

Silver Lining: You can now watch ABC prime-time episodes the next day, online. But I guess the week before won't be available. How will they make money off DVD sales otherwise? heh? heh?

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mandira said...

i saw that too.. I am hoping that it will get better over the next few weeks.. I missed Grey's Anatomy though. How was it?