Friday, November 10, 2006

Google Scholar

I found this link from google news, which cited a study in the BMJ that basically states 'Searching with Google may help doctors to formulate a differential diagnosis in difficult diagnostic cases.'

That's great, so does this also mean that using google for research is also legit?

Apparently, it has been for while, I just didn't know it.

I used to use only pubmed earlier, but then I was led to

The difference apparently between pubmed and is that while pubmed searches only abstracts, will search the full text of an article and then present its results. However, pubmed wins because of its PMID feature that assigns a unique number to each article and its ease of use with Endnote and 'related links'. My experience is that is useful when you want to look for detailed methods used, or if the information you are looking for happens to be hidden somewhere in an article but doesnt appear in the abstract.

I was once by a senior student (this was in '04) that if you mention that you used google to search for articles, you will be looked up on as a joke.. (he was the one who introduced me to, but then gave this above 'warning' as well). A quick run of the words 'scholar google' on pubmed gave several articles in which cited 'Google Scholar' in their methods, the earliest one going down to March '05.

So far, I have never been asked where I came up with a certain article, if asked , I will mention, in addition to Pubmed. Because now I found an article on pubmed, extolling the benefits of google scholar, and it was published in Nature News. You can't get more legit than that. :)

On an other note: There just HAD to be a desi involved in it. :)


Ash said...

Sqrl, you can customize Scholar toimport citations to EndNotes & other such Software.

Goto and then click on Scholar Preferences on the right of the search bar. Scroll down and customize the Bibliography Manager.

I've used it to import citations into RefWorks and find it very convenient !

Sqrl/TA said...

Really? Thanks Ash, will do that..:)