Friday, November 10, 2006

P.O.P drama

One of the bigggest drama in my childhood ever was the case of the 'P.O.Ps'. It was a New Year's Party we kids used to organize on the terrace of the building. Of course, we had very laxed curfew times that time of the year, and so we used to 'okay,thank you,party over' the guests and have our own blast playing games and gossiping about everyone who came.

One of the games, I dont know how, or even think ANYONE knows how, turned into this chase where ten girls were chasing one guy. The chase goes on for a while and the guy freaks out and get scared and of course swings a fist at the girl closest to him (leader of the conspiracy, we thought at the time) and sends her flying across the terrace, with a HUGE bump on her face..Much crying follows, and soon an elder from the girl's family comes to scream at all of us. The guy accuses all the girls of trying to indulge in what shall be refered to as ' P.O.P'. The girls are stunned, like OMG! are you crazy, we were trying to kill you..not 'P.O.P'! (I seriously dont think that was 'P.O.P' on the agenda. We generally chased guys around. In fact, I was 6 when I first joined this group, and my first ever conversation went like 'Hi, can I play with you? ..'Sure! That guy there is N___R, and we are chasing him.The first one to catch him gets to be queen for the day. Lets go, or we wont make it'..)  The elder of course doesnt get this and turns to the girls gives a half hour lecture and dares them to 'P.O.P' on him. The girls dont know where to look. Most of us go rolling on the floor laughing their guts out.(mentally, of course). Following this was a lamba bhashan which I am sure no one remembers and then  everyone was sent off packing to their houses.

Till this day, I am not entirely clear about (a) why we started chasing the guy. (b) Why was he sent scot free and we got the firing. (c) perhaps 'P.O.P' was on the agenda, but I am sure no one would have actually done it.


Ash said...

What on earth is POP ?!

sqrl/TA said...

Any guesses, ash? ;)

Aswin said...

I'm glad I wasn't in your building, but am curious nonetheless - what is "P.O.P"?!