Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stress buster!

This is probably the most addictive activity evver.Well, besides orkut of course..

My sister who for some reason is addicted to orkut , youtube and combing the net for obscure things sent me this link, which she also posted in the 'orkut rehab community'.. (you might find this surprising, but she does hold a normal day job too..)

Popping bubble wrap has been a wonderful passtime for us for a long time.. the fav. ones used to be those envelopes that come with the bubble wrap as inside lining. But the best bubble wrap experience I had was in my MS lab.
It was late in the night..(well not THAT late, probably 10ish) and I was generally loafing in the lab..looking to check if everything is in its place, things are shut down or not etc etc.. I came across this huge box, size of probably a computer monitor.. I opened it and guess what! It was full of bubble wrap!:) I unrolled all the bubble wrap (about 6 by 2 feet) and laid it on the floor of the lab and popped all the bubbles by walking all over the wrap.

Phat!phat! phatphat phat! about the ultimate stress buster.:)


Ash said...

Heh, that must have been a ridiculously funny sight ! But yeah, I can imagine it would be a stress buster :)

Sqrl/TA said...

thankfully no one was around..:) otherwise I wouldn't have dreamt of doing it.:)