Saturday, December 16, 2006

Deck the halls, ( and windows and yards and trees)

One of the differences between my older neighbourhood and my current one is the level of enthusiasm with which the 'Holiday' decorations are put up.This starts all the way in October, when pumpkins are strewn all over people's yards, blow-up witches,goblins and Scooby Doos are jostling for space in the yard. Once that is over, the cornucopias, yellow  maple leaves and turkey decals come out. But as they say, the best is saved for the last. Now that Christmas is approaching, the entire neighbourhood is full of snowmen, reindeer, polar bears , stars ,snowflakes and  not to forget, Christmas trees!

My neighbour is particularly particular about his decorations. He is SO particular that the first thing he did when he came back from his thanksgiving holiday was to remove all the thanksgiving decals and get to work on the Christmas decorations. By the time it was morning, there were reindeer in the yard, the shrubs where covered with lights and his entire door was covered in green paper and a snowman who didn't appear to be enjoying hanging out (literally) at the door.
And my neighbour is one of the subtle ones. So you can imagine the spirit the neighbourhood is in. I suspect 90% of this is competitive and 10% holiday. December should really be named 'beating the Joneses'-ember. The 'pulling-out-all-stops' award surely goes to the Joneses on 582 whose yard boasts an entire sled with 8 reindeer, and a giant blow up Santa and his gift bag. Cheering Santa from a safe distance are two drunken looking snowmen.

In any case, next year, I am saving up and putting up a 6-ft  blow up cobra on my yard during Naag Punch-Me. This month, a string of lights and 4 red bows is all I can afford.

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