Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Working out while working

It's been two months now, and I have been watching Mr Sqrl go to the gym religiously 4 times a week, each week. Every day he asks me to come along, but every day I put it off to another day.

But I wonder: is working in a lab like I do, more physically exerting than a regular 'desk job'? The mental level of exertion is probably the same, but I spend most of the time in the lab standing at the bench, running from room to room for instruments and bench space, lifting huge chunks of ice, (well, did that today, defrosting the stupid old fridge in the lab) and struggling with squeaking wriggling rats that are out to bite me, given the things I do to them. And thus lose more calories 9-5 than he does.

Perhaps I should make a 'the scientist's workout program' DVD and sell it online.. probably will make enough money to buy me lunch for a week.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Twisted Mind

Ok - tell me if I am a perv or you would do the same.

There is this road in Edison right...nicely named Mt Pleasant Rd...so since it is a residential area, they have what I call speed breakers - atleast 6 on that one stretch.

Well, you know how in India we have these boards " Drive Slowly. Speed Breakers Ahead."...I guess here the terms change.

So speed breakers are speed bumps.

And since on this road they are not really Bumps, but more flattish elongated elevations on the path, some wise person decided to call them Humps.

EVERY time I go down this road, EVERY time I see the road sign I giggle. Six times in that small path.

*Speed Hump* ( giggle giggle )
Speed Hump
Speed Hump /`````\ ( giggle giggle )

Speed Hump /`````\( giggle giggle )
Speed Hump
Speed Hump /`````\( giggle giggle )

Aunt to me : What IS wrong with you!!!!!

What the married couples didn't tell us

You are NOT a bad couple if you don't do everything together. (Well, besides that one thing...)

You dont have to like everything he likes and vice versa. Stop whining and let him enjoy what he enjoys, and use that time to do what you enjoy.

One year and I am already sounding like a veteran of marraige..

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Grocery shopping made easy

Having read Patrix's post on grocery scanners a while ago, I couldn't believe my eys when I noticed wireless scanners at the entrance of Tops, our grocery store. These scanners are apparently part of their EasyShop 'experience' which is one step ahead of self checkout, making shopping faster.

To use these scanners, you have to sign up for one of these scanners and borrow one each time you shop. As you shop, you can scan each item before you place it in your cart and the scanner records the price and amount for the item. When you are done, you go to a special checkout stand where you scan your scanner, and your total bill for the trip is displayed. Pay it as you would normally pay for your bills and you are done!

Almost everything has been thought of. How to scan produce, coffee and other loose items. An audit is built into the system where one of the employees will 'audit' your shopping and help you re-bag your stuff.

I think it is a fantastic idea, which will cut down having to master the task of identifying 'which line moves fastest' at the checkout counter. We signed up for our scanner right away, ( Though after we were done shopping for today, so no review here) and got a cloth bag which fits in the shopping cart free. This can also help eliminate all the plastic bags which litter my kitchen after every shopping trip.

Monday, January 22, 2007

50% Paisa Vasool : The KBC premiere

Just finished watching the premiere of SRK's KBC tonight. Of course, we had to make do with baasi roti, ( which in Prasar Bharti's terms means anything that is telecast with a delay); I got to see the 'analysis' of the premiere on the news before the show itself. Of course, the opening song is nice and catchy, but someone needs to give K-jo or whoever styled SRK in the video a lesson on what's cool, what's acceptable and what's just plain wrong.

SRK was his usual bubbly self, generally appearing to be friendly with the contestants, until one of them said that he will make a movie with George Clooney with his prize money and that his fav Indian actor is Mahesh Babu. That's when SRK's gigantic ego raised its ugly head. But it was okay as soon as the contestant hastily added that he liked SRK too..

In all, a watchable show,more multi-lingual, interactive and less formal than the original Don's KBC.

But of course, my old grouse with KBC still remained. How the HELL do religious questions feature in a quiz show? Why should anyone be expected to know what form Mahalaxmi took when Vishnu was meditating somewhere as someone else?

In all, nice. enough to make me want to tune in twice a week.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Don vs Don : Part of the better late than sorry series

Farhan Akhtar's Don wins, but Shahrukh's Don loses.

The story of Don gets justice in Farhan Akhtar's update of the version, thanks to the availibility of a strong base to work on, probaby more cashflow, and most importantly the remarkable strides technology has made in the the nearly three decades that passed. And Farhan Akhtar deserves all the credit for harnessing the potential these three factors had to offer.

So does Kareena, who in my honest opinion does a better job than Helen in 'Yeh Mera Dil'. ( I might be buried alive for saying this.)

Out of the other girls, Isha Koppikar would have been the best jungli billi, but she lacks the billi part.. she's more of a sher. I am sure she can kick Shahrukh's ass for real. I dont think it was the kicking, but the ineffective batting of eyelids that cost her the role.

But what could not be replaced were Pran's desperation and Amitabh's coolness. Sorry Arjun, you're no Pran. And well, Shahrukh you knew you aren't Amitabh, so why bother.

Ash, junior AB engaged.

Aish and Abhishek apparently just got engaged. And we saw the news on Star News on our newly installed DirecTV network. :|

Well, congratulations to the couple I guess, but some people have predicted that the dude's career is going to bomb the way it never has.

Somewhere in a flat in Mumbai, Vivek and Salman are opening a bottle of champagne together...

TV watching

wrote this a while back, but still holds true.. so posting this.

Currently watching:

Knights of Prosperity: Any series that has the words 'randi ka baccha' in its first episode is worth watching once more.

Beauty and the Geek: Clashed with knights this week, but still was curious thanks to the 'BnG' marathon I sat through during thanksgiving break. The annoying desi was kicked out of the show in the first airing itself, but frankly I am quite happy.. I get to see enough of those on campus anyway...

Happy new season:
Ugly Betty. The best persons on this show are Vanessa Williams and her assistant Mark. Total over the top, bad acting eybrow raising. But fun nevertheless.

Waiting with bated breath for:
Grey's Anatomy. WEEHEE! After watching silly fan-vids on Addex and Mizzie I am really looking forward to the real thing.

Update : Good thing I waited, the first episode was good. Especially the say 'uncle' part.

Will have to stay home for :
DirecTV! Like all good desis, we are getting the Hindi programming from DirecTV starting Jan 15. Which means KWK and KBC will then become an integral part of my life.

YaY! It comes today.

Have a feeling that: MTV desi sux big time. Will report on Jan 15th ;)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bas Ek Pal

Very good plot, wonder why this movie doesn't get much hype, while a moronic K-Jo gets credited for dealing with 'mature' topics.

Very good performances by all the 5 leads, can be attributed to the director I guess. They all, except Urmila who seems to be repetitive as hell,( I think she has only two looks, sexy babe and scared kitten) actually look like normal manipulative people you would encounter every day. (Though you wouldnt want to..)

The whole movie is shot partly in darkness which adds to the whole depressing/ melancholy mood.

Liked the whole permutations idea and especially the last scene between a Juhi and Sanjay.

Of course, could have done without the pretentious hiphop and salsa dancing, but I guess that would be nit-picking.

Verdict : Loved it.

Up NExt: The original Don

Friday, January 12, 2007

Jaa katti.

Q:How do mature desis in their 20s 'katti' with their friends in this hi-tech age?

A:They unfriend them on orkut.

Now here's a man can pronounce Indian names:)

But well, he's a cricketer and honestly, how difficult is 'Asha' :|

From Ultrabrown , I found a link to the you tube clip of a hit song by Brett Lee and Asha Bhosle... now since the cricket fever hasn't hit me, I have only a faint idea of who the Lee guy is (Persistent attempts at 'enlightenment' by a cricket fanatic). So when I saw this video I couldn't help but laugh my guts out for the whole hour. I sent the link to a girl cricket fan, and she found the video cute, so I guess u have to go in with some background.

The acting seems out of a 5th standard play. ( the guy actually pulls at his hair when he's indicating he's blond :-S) But he IS cute..:) and he actually sings a few Hindi lines too, which makes him cuter, AND apparently bowls at >100 kps. ( Cricket fan input)

Perhaps I should pay more attention to this cricket business..

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stephen Colbert injured.

I think Stephen Colbert sprained his tongue last night, while doing this longish piece on Amitabh Bachc(ouch)han and Shah Rukh Khan. The poor thing also tried to pronounce Viviek Preity the way it's spelt (ouch). I guess we have a our first victim of numerology here.
Kudos to the man for getting the names (almost) right . Maybe Amitabh Bachchan should walk barefoot AND backwards to Siddhivinayak to pray for Colbert's recovery.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I want the iPhone.

But that means smashing my phone AND my iPod at the same time.. looks like I will wait for a year when it isn't so cool anymore.

Confessions of a confused Indianer

i just don't understant this word that has been around for so long and is used widely in India. Every time I read it, I am left wondering, 'How is that even a word?'

It is the word Britisher: How is that a word? Apparently it is, because a google search does give its meaning as 'Somone who inhabits Britain'. But if you break it up, it's 'British' with a -'er' suffix.  So then is Indianer a word? Or Americaner?

Interestingly, my spellcheck says Britisher is not an error. Perhaps any reader who comes across this word via google knows the origin of the word? Kindly oblige me by informing me the meaning of this word. ( ideal material for another rant)

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Phobia

I didn't know I had one until last month. I am actually scared of listening to voicemails. I would rather have people leave me a text message with their phone numbers than have to listen to voicemails.

The top reason is that I fear someone is going to call me and leave me a message saying there's going to be a meteor strike right next to my house and by the time I listen to the voicemail I wont have enough time to save myself.

Another fear is that it's my mom calling and giving me major emo blackmail about not answering her phone calls. (She does it every time, so it isn't really an unwarranted fear)

Maybe it's someone in my lab calling to let me know that my samples have been sitting on the bench for four hours and will be destroyed if I don't freeze them immediately.

It might be someone who loves to drone about what they did today, and asking me to call them back for more.

Well, thankfully, so far I haven't received voicemails for reasons 1 3 and 5, but I am so paranoid that it's going to happen anytime soon that I still fear voicemails.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Hoping that everyone gets a good balance of what they want and what they deserve this year!

And of course, that everyone is able to keep their new year's resolutions!