Monday, January 22, 2007

50% Paisa Vasool : The KBC premiere

Just finished watching the premiere of SRK's KBC tonight. Of course, we had to make do with baasi roti, ( which in Prasar Bharti's terms means anything that is telecast with a delay); I got to see the 'analysis' of the premiere on the news before the show itself. Of course, the opening song is nice and catchy, but someone needs to give K-jo or whoever styled SRK in the video a lesson on what's cool, what's acceptable and what's just plain wrong.

SRK was his usual bubbly self, generally appearing to be friendly with the contestants, until one of them said that he will make a movie with George Clooney with his prize money and that his fav Indian actor is Mahesh Babu. That's when SRK's gigantic ego raised its ugly head. But it was okay as soon as the contestant hastily added that he liked SRK too..

In all, a watchable show,more multi-lingual, interactive and less formal than the original Don's KBC.

But of course, my old grouse with KBC still remained. How the HELL do religious questions feature in a quiz show? Why should anyone be expected to know what form Mahalaxmi took when Vishnu was meditating somewhere as someone else?

In all, nice. enough to make me want to tune in twice a week.


Patrix said...

So what form did she take?

sqrl said...

The Bodhi tree it seems.. the guy took an 'audience poll' and 87% said its the padma pushpa..

that made a gigantic difference in my life..