Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Confessions of a confused Indianer

i just don't understant this word that has been around for so long and is used widely in India. Every time I read it, I am left wondering, 'How is that even a word?'

It is the word Britisher: How is that a word? Apparently it is, because a google search does give its meaning as 'Somone who inhabits Britain'. But if you break it up, it's 'British' with a -'er' suffix.  So then is Indianer a word? Or Americaner?

Interestingly, my spellcheck says Britisher is not an error. Perhaps any reader who comes across this word via google knows the origin of the word? Kindly oblige me by informing me the meaning of this word. ( ideal material for another rant)

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