Friday, January 12, 2007

Now here's a man can pronounce Indian names:)

But well, he's a cricketer and honestly, how difficult is 'Asha' :|

From Ultrabrown , I found a link to the you tube clip of a hit song by Brett Lee and Asha Bhosle... now since the cricket fever hasn't hit me, I have only a faint idea of who the Lee guy is (Persistent attempts at 'enlightenment' by a cricket fanatic). So when I saw this video I couldn't help but laugh my guts out for the whole hour. I sent the link to a girl cricket fan, and she found the video cute, so I guess u have to go in with some background.

The acting seems out of a 5th standard play. ( the guy actually pulls at his hair when he's indicating he's blond :-S) But he IS cute..:) and he actually sings a few Hindi lines too, which makes him cuter, AND apparently bowls at >100 kps. ( Cricket fan input)

Perhaps I should pay more attention to this cricket business..


Anonymous said...

hey is that girl cricket fan me...but i really did find lee very cute...and the video is too funky yaar too good

sqrl said...

yea, it IS you, girl fan :) I know, because of you, I became less critical of the pulling of blond hair and enjoyed the video with a less cynical eye :) thanks