Saturday, January 27, 2007

Grocery shopping made easy

Having read Patrix's post on grocery scanners a while ago, I couldn't believe my eys when I noticed wireless scanners at the entrance of Tops, our grocery store. These scanners are apparently part of their EasyShop 'experience' which is one step ahead of self checkout, making shopping faster.

To use these scanners, you have to sign up for one of these scanners and borrow one each time you shop. As you shop, you can scan each item before you place it in your cart and the scanner records the price and amount for the item. When you are done, you go to a special checkout stand where you scan your scanner, and your total bill for the trip is displayed. Pay it as you would normally pay for your bills and you are done!

Almost everything has been thought of. How to scan produce, coffee and other loose items. An audit is built into the system where one of the employees will 'audit' your shopping and help you re-bag your stuff.

I think it is a fantastic idea, which will cut down having to master the task of identifying 'which line moves fastest' at the checkout counter. We signed up for our scanner right away, ( Though after we were done shopping for today, so no review here) and got a cloth bag which fits in the shopping cart free. This can also help eliminate all the plastic bags which litter my kitchen after every shopping trip.

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Patrix said...

That's awesome. I had seen a portable scanner in Target but I guessed that was mostly for price check. Hope to see a review when you try it out.