Sunday, January 14, 2007

TV watching

wrote this a while back, but still holds true.. so posting this.

Currently watching:

Knights of Prosperity: Any series that has the words 'randi ka baccha' in its first episode is worth watching once more.

Beauty and the Geek: Clashed with knights this week, but still was curious thanks to the 'BnG' marathon I sat through during thanksgiving break. The annoying desi was kicked out of the show in the first airing itself, but frankly I am quite happy.. I get to see enough of those on campus anyway...

Happy new season:
Ugly Betty. The best persons on this show are Vanessa Williams and her assistant Mark. Total over the top, bad acting eybrow raising. But fun nevertheless.

Waiting with bated breath for:
Grey's Anatomy. WEEHEE! After watching silly fan-vids on Addex and Mizzie I am really looking forward to the real thing.

Update : Good thing I waited, the first episode was good. Especially the say 'uncle' part.

Will have to stay home for :
DirecTV! Like all good desis, we are getting the Hindi programming from DirecTV starting Jan 15. Which means KWK and KBC will then become an integral part of my life.

YaY! It comes today.

Have a feeling that: MTV desi sux big time. Will report on Jan 15th ;)

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