Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Working out while working

It's been two months now, and I have been watching Mr Sqrl go to the gym religiously 4 times a week, each week. Every day he asks me to come along, but every day I put it off to another day.

But I wonder: is working in a lab like I do, more physically exerting than a regular 'desk job'? The mental level of exertion is probably the same, but I spend most of the time in the lab standing at the bench, running from room to room for instruments and bench space, lifting huge chunks of ice, (well, did that today, defrosting the stupid old fridge in the lab) and struggling with squeaking wriggling rats that are out to bite me, given the things I do to them. And thus lose more calories 9-5 than he does.

Perhaps I should make a 'the scientist's workout program' DVD and sell it online.. probably will make enough money to buy me lunch for a week.


Patrix said...

Bah! all excuses...'the scientist's workout program' and all :)

sqrl said...

The first chapter of the DVD will go ..turn your rat to the left... ok now stretch back as he jumps at you,,just a little more... hold.. now change your rat..and do this 10 more times.. ( YMCA playing the background)

Patrix said...

I lost you at 'rat'....brrrrr!