Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ghoda tha ghamandi
pahuncha Sabzi Mandi
Sabzi Mandi baraf padi thi
baraf mein lag gayi thandi

Dauda dauda dauda ghoda,
dum uthaake dauda

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Monkey hates plastic

As a monkey, I have many stupid quirks and irrational thoughts - and I will be the first one to admit that. But this fine Saturday morning I had to face one of my biggest fears and disliked activities - washing plastic containers. This following post has some disturbing 'washing' incidents.

I hate washing plastic. If I had it my way, I would not use plastic containers at all...but it's like an addiction. Its so easy to USE and KEEP stuff in that people forget what happens to it after and abuse it - much like a rental car or a single serving dinner set. What about recycling? What about the poor cows that choke on plastic bags in India? And what about ME who has to wash these containers?!?!?!?You may not agree, but no matter how hard I scrub these things, they always feel slimy. With steel, you can scrub the hell out of the pot to get out the grime stuck on it, but if you do that with plastic, it will only put new grooves in the surface that will hold even more germs and god knows what else. And they won't even clean in that blessing of a device - Dishwashers!!!!

I am a paradox in cleanliness. Over the past few days ( I have lost count ) - I wash the porcelain cups, steel/nonstick pots and pans, glasses and what have you that keep piling in my sink regularly. But today I finally had the courage to tackle the 5 plastic dabbas. Why didn't I clean them? Because I can never really clean them. What kind of stupid logic is that? But that's me.Plus plastic catches the color of the last food item in it - which makes me believe even more that it is a vile vile container. Haldi tinted pasta holders? Hmph!!!

So this is the fate of a plastic container that enters my house. They come through two avenues. 1) Yogurt, etc containers 2) Home cooked food generously and lovingly sent in by my aunts.In the case of 1) these are commercially made cheap dabbas which I do think of saving them for a while and then they lie in the sink for ages and then I finally throw them away because I DO NOT WANT TO WASH THEM!!!

But case 2) is not so easy. These are expensive Tupperware types which the aunts certainly expect me to return if I have to have any hopes of getting any good food from them again. Or I will be subjected to 'Seems like your kitchen is full of our utensils' comments for the rest of time. So I get to washing these after a lot of mental preparation. I put the tap to the hottest possible water temperature, blast the plastic with full force, fill it with enough soap to kill 10 cockroaches ( survive a nuclear attack, ha!) and then let it sit ... to get the dirt loose.Then after even more mental preparation ( more than I need to muster in the dentist's chair before that siiiuuiiiiiinnnnn sound making machine comes on ) I get to scrubbing with so much anger that you can hear the plastic cry for mercy.And then again I blast it with hot water. Chkkachakkk....:D...At the end of all this, if there is still even a line of dirt left, I get so distressed...but at this point, I leave it to my aunts;)

I leave you with a sad riddle:

1) There was a tempting bunch of bananas on the dining table of Patel Auntie the other day. But even as a particularly greedy chumky monkey, I did not eat them. Why?


Friday, February 09, 2007


I have an odd habit of making wierd sounds when I am working. Of course, they are probably annoying to others, but so far no on has asked me to shut the f%$^ up. In fact I think the trend is catching on.Right now, I heard someone else in the lab go 'tatatatata gegegegege toootoootoootooo' as he was checking the package that's arrived in the lab. Of course, I prefer if the sounds are little more musical, but for a beginner, he was good enough. 5/10

Yes, I am indeed a trendsetter.

Mi Ingliz z btr dan urs

Probably the most hilarious messages I have read in recent times.

Of course, this had to be on an orkut community...and it's a bunch of people deriding each other's English.


A few people 'debating' about an English school play.

a: u did nt understood bcoz it was in english n u ppl don't understand english tats proved....

b: hey u idiots u will not even understand it cauz it was of higher level english u see........
u'll r pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c: u ppl think v dunno english, but i felt dat d actrs had 2 catch a train.ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!

My computer crashed as I was spell checking this post...

These people are from my school, which used to be pretty lenient compared to other convent schools when it came to enforcing speaking English during school hours.. but looks like it's time to get the cane out of the cupboard one more time..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Study Time

I have three places where I can work best on campus: They are: the lounge, the cafeteria and Starbucks. And in the summer of course, the entire grassy campus becomes a huge study area for me..The reason for all is the same. I prefer silence when I am studying. Sounds odd, doesn't it? But let me explain. While I get easily distracted by sudden noise, like a chair falling, or someone coughing or talking loudly on the phone in a silent area  in these places, the continous noise comes together and becomes this peaceful silence. It is so loud and bustling in these areas, that all these sounds come together and drown out the sudden falling of a glass, a shriek of an excited college student, and the continously chattering bunch of girls.
There is also another reason. I need to see people around me. If people around me seem happy with what they are doing, it makes me feel better, and work better. So the cafeteria/Starbucks become the best options, where people are either stuffing their faces and talking loudly or are busy studying just like me.

As I was thinking of the reason why I find crowds peaceful, I realised that, the reason for this could be the fact that I got most of my undergrad cramming done in a crowded ladies compartment of a Harbour Line local. The chakkas and the fisherwomen are hard to replace, but for now, hyper excited college kids seem to do the job just fine.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Indian prince?

Now that I live with someone whose clothes I actually dont mind folding, I decided to try this amazing new way of foliding T-shirts I found on youtube. It seriously looks like a fantastic skill to have, and what better to try it out on, but Mr. Sqrl's T shirts. So for a change, I actually volunteered to fold clothes and put them away. I folded them in the new way I thought was soo cool, and tucked them away in neat little piles in the drawers.

But well, I forgot I married an Indian prince. Well, the prince isn't all that princely except when it comes to the way his T shirts are folded. Apparently the new style I was adopting make the T shirts 'occupy to much space' and so we must now go back to the way our prince likes them folded. So this weekend I was given a tutorial on 'how the T shirt should be folded'. Grudgingly I decided to accept the old way, and so today I folded the T shirts exactly the way I thought the prince liked them.

When the prince came home, I asked him to inspect the pile of shirts I had folded. He took one look and said 'acceptable'. And that's when I knew it wasn't good enough.. the 'acceptable' was followed with, 'but you know how I like it??' and an unfolding and re-folding of the same T shirt.

But it was conceded that I have worked hard enough on the pile and that the T shirts can go in to the drawer for now.. Thank God for small mercies..

Disclaimer: Things aren't that bad.. :) though this is a true account, I must say the prince cooked for me and 4 of my friends this weekend, AND then loaded the dishwasher.. :) As part of my side of the contract I had to fold the T shirts the way HE wanted.. Alas.. I failed :( ( correction.. the post was read by the prince and the failed was converted to 'passing marks'.. aah I am now in heaven)