Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Indian prince?

Now that I live with someone whose clothes I actually dont mind folding, I decided to try this amazing new way of foliding T-shirts I found on youtube. It seriously looks like a fantastic skill to have, and what better to try it out on, but Mr. Sqrl's T shirts. So for a change, I actually volunteered to fold clothes and put them away. I folded them in the new way I thought was soo cool, and tucked them away in neat little piles in the drawers.

But well, I forgot I married an Indian prince. Well, the prince isn't all that princely except when it comes to the way his T shirts are folded. Apparently the new style I was adopting make the T shirts 'occupy to much space' and so we must now go back to the way our prince likes them folded. So this weekend I was given a tutorial on 'how the T shirt should be folded'. Grudgingly I decided to accept the old way, and so today I folded the T shirts exactly the way I thought the prince liked them.

When the prince came home, I asked him to inspect the pile of shirts I had folded. He took one look and said 'acceptable'. And that's when I knew it wasn't good enough.. the 'acceptable' was followed with, 'but you know how I like it??' and an unfolding and re-folding of the same T shirt.

But it was conceded that I have worked hard enough on the pile and that the T shirts can go in to the drawer for now.. Thank God for small mercies..

Disclaimer: Things aren't that bad.. :) though this is a true account, I must say the prince cooked for me and 4 of my friends this weekend, AND then loaded the dishwasher.. :) As part of my side of the contract I had to fold the T shirts the way HE wanted.. Alas.. I failed :( ( correction.. the post was read by the prince and the failed was converted to 'passing marks'.. aah I am now in heaven)


Ash said...


Yeah, P is like that too. But for all his fussing, I'm really glad that he's such a great cook. He's fussy while cooking too, but the yummy food is worth it !

sqrlnt said...

hey Ash! Where have you been? work keeping u busy ha?

Well, yeah thats the thing with A ( thats mr Sqrl) too. Having lived by himself for almost 7 years now, he has perfected cooking.. and so it's easy to forgive the other 'princely' behaviour. :)

Patrix said...

nice to see some pleasant banter (for a change?) about your significant others.

sqrlnt said...

yeah patrix, I almost imagined myself and ash shelling peas in the kitchen.. talking about our sig others :) gosh! ghar ghrishasti's hit us hard.

Ash said...

Yeah, and I'm not even married yet !

Shucks, gotta go do something "cool" for a change :)