Friday, February 09, 2007

Mi Ingliz z btr dan urs

Probably the most hilarious messages I have read in recent times.

Of course, this had to be on an orkut community...and it's a bunch of people deriding each other's English.


A few people 'debating' about an English school play.

a: u did nt understood bcoz it was in english n u ppl don't understand english tats proved....

b: hey u idiots u will not even understand it cauz it was of higher level english u see........
u'll r pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c: u ppl think v dunno english, but i felt dat d actrs had 2 catch a train.ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!

My computer crashed as I was spell checking this post...

These people are from my school, which used to be pretty lenient compared to other convent schools when it came to enforcing speaking English during school hours.. but looks like it's time to get the cane out of the cupboard one more time..