Saturday, February 17, 2007

Monkey hates plastic

As a monkey, I have many stupid quirks and irrational thoughts - and I will be the first one to admit that. But this fine Saturday morning I had to face one of my biggest fears and disliked activities - washing plastic containers. This following post has some disturbing 'washing' incidents.

I hate washing plastic. If I had it my way, I would not use plastic containers at all...but it's like an addiction. Its so easy to USE and KEEP stuff in that people forget what happens to it after and abuse it - much like a rental car or a single serving dinner set. What about recycling? What about the poor cows that choke on plastic bags in India? And what about ME who has to wash these containers?!?!?!?You may not agree, but no matter how hard I scrub these things, they always feel slimy. With steel, you can scrub the hell out of the pot to get out the grime stuck on it, but if you do that with plastic, it will only put new grooves in the surface that will hold even more germs and god knows what else. And they won't even clean in that blessing of a device - Dishwashers!!!!

I am a paradox in cleanliness. Over the past few days ( I have lost count ) - I wash the porcelain cups, steel/nonstick pots and pans, glasses and what have you that keep piling in my sink regularly. But today I finally had the courage to tackle the 5 plastic dabbas. Why didn't I clean them? Because I can never really clean them. What kind of stupid logic is that? But that's me.Plus plastic catches the color of the last food item in it - which makes me believe even more that it is a vile vile container. Haldi tinted pasta holders? Hmph!!!

So this is the fate of a plastic container that enters my house. They come through two avenues. 1) Yogurt, etc containers 2) Home cooked food generously and lovingly sent in by my aunts.In the case of 1) these are commercially made cheap dabbas which I do think of saving them for a while and then they lie in the sink for ages and then I finally throw them away because I DO NOT WANT TO WASH THEM!!!

But case 2) is not so easy. These are expensive Tupperware types which the aunts certainly expect me to return if I have to have any hopes of getting any good food from them again. Or I will be subjected to 'Seems like your kitchen is full of our utensils' comments for the rest of time. So I get to washing these after a lot of mental preparation. I put the tap to the hottest possible water temperature, blast the plastic with full force, fill it with enough soap to kill 10 cockroaches ( survive a nuclear attack, ha!) and then let it sit ... to get the dirt loose.Then after even more mental preparation ( more than I need to muster in the dentist's chair before that siiiuuiiiiiinnnnn sound making machine comes on ) I get to scrubbing with so much anger that you can hear the plastic cry for mercy.And then again I blast it with hot water. Chkkachakkk....:D...At the end of all this, if there is still even a line of dirt left, I get so distressed...but at this point, I leave it to my aunts;)

I leave you with a sad riddle:

1) There was a tempting bunch of bananas on the dining table of Patel Auntie the other day. But even as a particularly greedy chumky monkey, I did not eat them. Why?



Patrix said...

Sqrl, I may have missed the memo but who exactly is ChunkyMonkey? Friend or family? Don't worry, your secret will be safe with me...

Sqrl/TA said...

my behenji.. :) s

he's quite the rage on orkut..:) all this is actually in her 'about me' there, and I have been telling her over and over to post it on a blog..finally I 'invited' her over here, so atleast the whole 'tedious' affair of setting a blog up in avoided..

CM that is a taunt for u btw:P

Sqrl/TA said...

SHE is quite the rage..

Patrix said...

Ah-ha! you almost had me confused at 'he's the rage'...thought behenji was confused :)BTW, Orkut and blogging can be two different things.

Sqrl/TA said...

didn't quite get what u mean, patrix..can u elaborate?