Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And then the man vanished into thin air..

Every now and then I come across people who vanish into thin air. Well, no they don't really vanish, but I tune their voices out, and so they vanish out of MY life. It's just that at some point, conversation takes a boring or ridiculous turn, and I end up making that person vanish, just to keep things interesting.

In any case, the conversation that leads up to the vanishing, is sometimes interesting, and reveals a part of my personality unknown until now ( Oh well, not to me, but you) .

So I'd like to share, ever so often, my conversations with vanishing people.

Here's one.

At the supermarket:

I am walking in an aisle, looking for the best cereal General Mills has to offer.

A booming voice asks me: 'What are you so angry about?'

I look up, the voice belongs to a surprisingly small man, who looks even smaller in the North Face laadi paav jacket he's wearing.

'Who me?' I ask in my most surprised tone.

Petite man with woofer in throat surprises me even more.

'Hey, hey! Don't get mad. Don't beat me up. I'm leaving', he says.

And then vanishes into thin air.

(Well, he actually moved on to the next aisle.)

Part of personality revealed: The lack of choice in breakfast cereal make me hopping mad. Don't mess with me in the cereal aisle.

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