Friday, March 02, 2007

Cricket confessions.

I dont get cricket . I really dont. I mean there were times when I used to watch a few matches here and there, but that was such a long time ago, and purely because of peer pressure. Soon the cricket crazy peers left the building, and I was back to being a cricket zero. The last time I showed an interest in cricket, Sehwag actually had hair. Now, he's a taklu uncle.

Yes I still pretend to watch related news, and I know some names, but I cannot tell the difference between irfan pathan and 'i-forgot-his-name-he-looks-like-akshay kumar and (arbit gossip insert #1) apparently is/was dating kami kapde kim sharma.(YES! Yuvraj singh!) In any case, vengsarkar totally looks like a school principal who would love to cane his kids if he had the chance. Apparently his wife recently launched a jewelry store (arbit gossip insert #2). And then there is that speed petrol guy who I'd love to give a haircut (dhoni?). And not to forget Mr.Patil who thinks his beard looks so cool.(he hosts some silly show called wah cricket, which loves to make some random comments about complete non issues) I know dravid, sachin and ganguly, not from their cricket, but from a long time ago, and TV ads.

But now all that might have to change. The maniac in the household has decided to spend some of the hard earned money ($199.95 to be precise) on the world cup package. So I am going to be left with no option but to watch it. Negotiations led to the Thurday 8-10 pm slot still being devoted to ABC, but I might still call another meeting to bargain for CBS Mondays as well. But the maniac has also found a local cricket team, and is actually excited about playing cricket in April ( 40F is not a bad temperature to play cricket, it seems). I am dreading the impending matches during which wives get together and make pav bhaaji while their husbands play cricket..I dont know whats giving me more nightmares. That image or the fact that I will have to go back into the 'i like criket' pretense mode, in front of people.

On the bright side, what is warming me up to the whole cricket jhamela, is this ad.

Even in the ad, its not the cricket, but the song thats doing the job.:) I cant get the words, because the singer gets really garbled once the action starts: but what I get is enough for me to sing it. And it's been my pep song for some very important events that occured in the past week. So I am going to make it my anthem for the coming few months. And who knows, maybe I might genuinely end up liking cricket. (pray pray pray)

The song actually also reminds me of an extremely explosive and bitter debate a few people , regarding the language. Perhaps I shall write more on that later. Benji, are you listening?


Anonymous said...

WHY would you teach your children Cricket? It is such an IMPURE Game. Baseball is the PURE game.


sqrl said...

emm okkkk.. exactly what makes a game pure anyway?