Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Midsummer Afternoon's Story

Last summer I was sitting at one of the picnic tables on campus enjoying my lunch, when suddenly I felt someone next to me. When I looked up and saw a man who looked straight out the Matrix. And completely out of place amongst people dressed in white, beige or pastel shades.

He was holding something in his huge hands. I could not see what it was.

He asked me in a deep, calm voice. 'Are you really happy with your life?'

My own reaction surprised me. Without missing a beat, I answered with a big beaming smile," Yes, actually I am.'

And the man's smile quivered. I thought I saw a tear drop, but it could have been sweat. In any case, I was breaking this man. Recomposing himself, he asked me, 'Are you sure? Is there nothing in your life that is making you unhappy?'

'No, there isn't! I am completely satisfied with the way my life has turned out until now, and I dont have any regrets. In fact, today might just be the happiest day in my life so far!'

(Confession: Making his smile droop like that made me a little happier than I was before..)

Poof! First the smile disappeared and then the man vanished into thin air. I don't know who he was or even if he was real, but all I know is that I will remember that day, as a day when I realised I was truly happy, and there wasnt anything to worry about.

(Confession: Ok, he didn't really disappear into thin air, he was just trying to sell me some Scientology, but making him vanish made my life sound more interesting.)


Anonymous said...

The Truth IS Out There.
You Are Not Happy.
You Are Bunty.

Patrix said...

Come on, you could have played along and have had some fun at Scientology's expense :)

I remember my times at the Baptist Student Union (free lunch, you see). At the end of the semester, I might have converted a few to Hinduism :)

Sqrl/TA said...

Patrix, he just tried to sell me Scientology as an after thought...

you know, if you ever change your mind.. there is this thing called Scientology..

But I really got kicks out of derailing his prepared speech with my chirpy ' I'm too happy for my own good' response..:)

Sqrl/TA said...

nonymous, I am not Bunty. I am Babli. :P

shr3yas said...

Hehehe...I like being anonymous.
Well...you sure this guy wasn't HITTING ON YOU?:O

Sqrl/TA said...

who do you think he was, chumky? Tom or Joe? No no. he was a respectable Scientology pimp.