Friday, March 30, 2007

Unproductive Monkey

I cannot believe it. Just at the start of this week I was happy for no reason after my return from Florida. The sunny weather had made me irrationally upbeat. Like corn popping in the popcorn machine I was jumping about at work and at home, ready to take on anything thrown my way.
But today...I am back to the slow, feet dragging, pachydermish pace of doing things that I dread. How do I accomplish the emotional equivalent of kicking myself in the butt?

Options presented:1) Kick myself in the butt. Not very tempting. Would rather kick someone else. Not viable.

2) 10 Minute Yoga....
oh gawd...I cannot even complete a simple blog post. Something is really wrong with me.


This takes place between Lunch Time and Go Home Time.

Chumky Monkey Stares at screen.Chumky Monkey stalks people on Orkut.Chumky Monkey chatters with colleagues. Chumky Monkey gets minimal work accomplished.

Chumky Monkey is certain there is a terrorist in our group. That could be the only explanation for the extreme boredom and laziness she feels.

Chumky Monkey decides to take things in her own hands. She drives to QuickChek. Browses numerous aisles...ah there it is....right by Mikes Hard Lemonade. BLAK. Fusion Carbonated Coffee Drink. Yum.

The following takes place between QuickChek and Back to Work.

Chumky Monkey kills terrorists in the brain by gulping entire bottle of Blak in one shot. Parking Lot bevdagiri. Sort of. Uhm...weird.caffeine.takes.over...

Chumky Monkey cuts off evil 16 yr old kid who didn't hold door open for her in the shop. Laffs in his face. Accelerates to 25 mph ( Chumky Monkey is just high, not stupid so will not push the limits).

Back at work.Types out most random blog entry at a break neck speed. Bitch slaps colleague who dares enter her cubicle territory. Takes a moment to think of her Heros - Hanuman & MONKEY.

Back to being productive!!! I hope it lasts for a minute atleast.

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