Monday, April 30, 2007

Rakhi Sawant on Koffee with Karan

Express Review : Complete paisa vasool

There were three reasons why we chose DirecTV and the Star line-up against the Dish and Sony etc line up.

MTV Desi

Well, MTV Desi is now dying a deserving death, and KBC is all wrapped up for now. So all I was left watching was KWK. Well, after show after show of boring, diplomatic, mutual admiration club sessions,ALL my money put into getting DirecTV was finally redeemed by none other than Rakhi Sawant.

I did not know much about Rakhi Sawant, except for the Mika issue, and his wierdly catchy 'Pappi' song, and of course, her countless mentions on the show itself. But this fantastic interview of Rakhi and her mother was enough background information to get me interested in Rakhi's interview with Kjo.

As expected, Rakhi delivered the most entertaining shows of all time. KWK 1 included. This was probably the only show where tears were shed.. in bucketloads. Rakhi admitted to having several personal problems, and was unable to contain her emotions about the recognition she received after 'Bigg Boss' and her KWK appearance..Though the rona dhona wasn't the entertaining part, it surely made the show more credible and real than Rani Mukherjee's diplomatic bullshit.

Revelations like 'I have experienced the casting couch' , and priceless statements like ' jo bhagwaan nahi deta, woh doctor dete hai' ( in a reference to plastic surgery and Botox) were made. At the same time though she was respectful and grateful to Kjo for having her over and showed a lot of class and honesty by stating that she admired Mallika Sherawat not once, but twice.

She even admitted that she has a music album out in spite of lacking a half decent voice. Surprisingly, she even had a few good things to say about Mika.. ' he has a good voice, he makes good music.. why does he need to resort to the 'kiss' for generating publicity'? Makes sense to me.

Her answers did not look fake or rehearsed. And Rani and Kareena have made it so easy to spot those kinds. (Though she should really drop the main sach hi bolti hoon crap.. theek hai, aage bolo types..we don't need it to be hammered into our heads constantly.)

As Sakshi said, Rakhi was the only reason Rahul Roy and Carol,who? got to 'park their lame butts' on Kjo's couch. (And hey, she already has her own review up.. a fellow fan I see..) And rightfully, Kjo did not give them too much time on his coveted couch. For the first time, there was only one contestant in the rapid fire round, and there were two rapid fire rounds, one janta ki adaalat and the other Kjo's own homegrown questions.

The best part was that Kjo himself seemed to be enjoying the show after a long time. I don't think the man has laughed so heartily ( non-cattily) on any other shows so far. And wierdly enough, there wasn't a single bitchy remark. All of Rakhi's humor was self deprecating, which showed that it was possible to be entertaining without being personal to anyone. Of course, Rakhi had to add a some 'raunch' to the interview. For example, when asked which men she will take on a deserted island , and what she will do to them, she named them and just said.. aur kehne ki zarurat hai kya? (wink wink). Which sent darling Kjo into peals of laughter. I don't think any of Kjo's other guests might have had the guts to say something like that.

Well, I hope Kjo helps Rakhi find a good PR person, and introduces her to the word diplomacy, which does become important after you have scaled the first fews steps on the success ladder. But for now, I sincerely thank Rakhi for delivering an entertaining no hold barred interview that made Kjo's show worth watching once more. Perhaps Kjo's other guests should learn from her and find humor in their own lives than take pot shots at others. ( I'm talking to you, Jaya Bachchan..Man on a mission Vivek Oberoi, it seems. The statement was fine,lady.. if only you hadn't smirked at the end. hmph. Thoda to restrain dikhao.)

Oh well, next week we are back to goody goody John and Bips. Well, they are a sweet couple, and 'edgy' compared to vanilla Rani, so I guess it shouldn't be so bad.


Patrix said...

Whoa! nice template.

BTW how much does your DirecTV thingie cost? I am assuming it doesn't use the same dish as for the regular amreeki channels.

Sqrl/TA said...

Thanks, Patrix.

Well its complicated.. you have to get two dishes.. one for the regular channels, which is mandatory types, and the other for the international channels..the base package (local channels is 9.99, and the Hindi direct package is 29.99.. so total $40 per month.. installation etc is generally get NDTV with it, so you are set for news as well..

Patrix said...

I guessed so about the two dishes (apparently the desi satellite is in the other direction). Unfortunately, we already have cable...too bad desi channels aren't streamed through cable.

chumkymonkey90210 said...


Compare this to the time I was in 4th standard and did a public performance to this song in the Maine Pyaar Kiya Antaakshari dance at the society Ganapati night.

Chubby Kid > Rakhi :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Rakhi was so refreshing! What a girl!