Monday, April 16, 2007

Palace of Dosas, Buffalo, review (?!)

Review Express(Updated) : 10/10 . The best Indian restaurant in Buffalo.

Update: May 2 2007.
After reading this post, I started craving a good dosa myself, and decided to give Palace of Dosas another chance. And boy, am I glad I did.

Palace of Dosas has improved by leaps and bounds. When we visited the place today, we were seated almost immediately, handed the menus at the same time AND had glasses of water from the start..The food is now so good, that it can easily call itself the best Indian restaurant in Buffalo.

The food actually tastes like its 'homemade', unlike the chicken pieces in Campbell's soup that are passed off as 'Chicken Tikka Masala' and deep fried drumsticks that are called 'Chicken Tandoori' by some other restaurants.

A certain
Tamilian had once told me that their sambar was 'awful' as it had too much daal in it. Looks like they listened to that lady. The sambar today was a lot better. ( Even though I had liked the sambar last time too..) and actually had drumsticks! (The vegetarian kind). I don't even know what drumsticks are called in the US, and where you get them.

The service this time around was a LOT better than last time, in fact it was better than any other Indian restaurant in Buffalo, except probably 'my friend Jalandar..same Jalandar' at Taste of India on Sheridan.

So, Go to Palace of Dosas, and eat healthy (?!) vegetarian food.


Older review:

हम बेचारे Buffalo वासी have been waiting for a good dosa place for a long time. So far only one place in the whole town offered dosas, and they weren't good ones.

So finally when Palace of Dosas put up its sign, everyone in town was very excited about it . People talked about the place over brunches(?), in the local Indian store, and on campus.

But of course, anything Indian has to work on IST. So about 7 days after the 'grand opening' sign went up, PD opened its doors to customers.

We visited the restaurant on Thursday, and as expected it was crowded. And understaffed.

When we go in, there is no sign at the entrance of the place if we should grab a table or wait to be seated, so we wait. And wait.

( Now there is a lot of waiting in this post, so if you dont have the patience to go through it, I dont think you are going to be able to stand PD either)

After a while, the waitress finally comes to us and flicks her hand in the direction of the worst table available. Of course, we don't want to sit there, so we ask if there is another table. She scowls and tells us that's where her boss told her to put us. We decide that that lady is a little crazy, and wait anyway.(At this point, we were a little shocked by how much we wanted those dosas.) We wait another 5 minutes before she waves her hand towards another table. And of course, forgets to give us the menus.

Another 20 minutes pass. A guy with a smile brighter than Sanjaya Malakar's asks us if we are ready to order. Blood boils. Voices rise. ' We have been here for 20 minutes and we don't even have a menu. How do you expect us to order?!' 'Oh sir, sorry sir', says Malakar. And gets us the menus.

Since we know exactly what to order, (One medu vada, one plain dosa, one mysore masala dosa, and two lassis) , things become a lot smoother hence forth. Our orders arrive in less than 5 minutes of ordering.

Surprise Surprise. The food is good. I have never seen an oil soaked dosa before, and the sambar has more daal than regular sambar, and it a little sweet, but tastes good. And the chutney is yum. It is the green coconut chutney, which I love. And the right amount of spicy, balancing the sambar. The vadas are fresh and not bad either.

The food is also inexpensive. The vadas cost us $3.25, the plain dosa $4.95, and the lassis $1.95 each. I cannot remember the Mysore Masala Dosa price, but its in the same range. Total bill for 2 : $ 20.40..

M and A, I would certainly recommend going to this place, but please keep your expectations a little low, and order the very basic things, and you wont be disappointed. I think the owners weren't expecting so many dosa crazy people in Buffalo, and so are short on staff, and believe it or not, potatoes. Needless to say, please don't order Navratan Korma and Alu Palak there.


( Side Note: I have always wondered why South Indian places have North Indian dishes and vice versa...its like having Chinese dishes on the menu of an Italian restaurant.

Palace of Dosas is located at 656 Millesport Highway in Amherst,NY )


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review.

Sqrl/TA said...

you are welcome, anon.

Perspective Inc said...

Good review..

Sqrl/TA said...

Thanks, perspective..:)

Anonymous said...

bridgewaater venkatesh demble eez having da besht shouth indian fud made & served by mekshicuns!

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and i made the classic mistake of converting it to Rs. !!!
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Sqrl/TA said...

Chumky: Nothing beats demble fud. And definitely not bridgewaater venkatesh demble fud.

Manu: aah the classic mistake. Well, convert it this wasif you want.. $1 is supposed to have the purchasing power of Rs.5.. that might make thing s a lil easier, no?

Ranjeet said...

You can get reasonably good frozen drumsticks at superbazaar at intersection of sheridan and bailey. I've used them in sambar. Pass up the canned varieties, they have too much of a "tinny" taste.