Friday, May 25, 2007

Bunny no like healthy food.

This morning I saw a seriously flabby rabbit making his way through my backyard down to the patch where my vegetable plants sit. Instead of shooing him away, we instantly got the camera out and took some pictures.. I guess that's how starved for stray/wildlife sightings we've become..

Anyway, the rabbit stealthily moved across the patch where I keep my potted plants, inspected most of them and turned them down... what do you expect, he's American.. won't eat a mirchi plant..

He finally zoned into one spinach plant which I had planted into the ground.. A was about to shoo him away, but bunny-ji took a bite at one of the leaves, turned his nose up..(I think he made a face too) and ran away out into the yard, probably looking for some chips.

Maybe I should grow some lentils for him..and chase him around the yard a little more..proteins zindabad.


Patrix said...

pukka American bunny!

BTW that 'rabbit bite' picture looked like some CNN or Fox News image of spotting Paris Hilton :)

chumkymonkey90210 said...

Ya ya - fat bunny probably ran away to get some fried papad. And then he said - ' Eh heh heh , turrutuu, Lijjat Pappad!!!' :D:D:D

phatichar said...

aaaaye, what's up doc? :)

Sqrl/TA said...

Patrix... dont go to CNN/FOx for Paris Hilton...TMZ is so much better. :)

ok you are freaking me out chumky. and whats with the schizo/

Pathichar..that wabbit like carrot. Healthy food. this one...not so much..

Reeta Skeeter said...

lol. Nice one dat!