Friday, May 18, 2007

So much potential for a K serial..

I have some people over at my home these days. My in laws are visiting us for a few weeks. This is the first time I am staying with them for such a long period, and for the first time, I could compare their family ( well, my new family) and my own (pre-existing folks).

Even though A and I come from the same kinds of background and we are almost related, the differences between his family and mine are shocking. Not to say that one is better than the other, but both are well, different.

On paper, the only difference between his family and mine, is that his parents have two sons, while mine have two daughters. Now I know what you might be thinking, yes, the sons must be spoilt brats, and we girls must be the angels.. well, thats hardly the case.

My family is full of drama. We scream, shout, argue, even threaten to kill each other every few hours. I was the island of peace in my family, but I too, would flare up every once in a while. Mostly, I would resort to whining and crying. Mincing words is not our forte. We tell it like it is. And did we mention we fight? yeah. A lot.

A's family on the other hand...well, when I was at his place in India right after our wedding, that was probably the first time I saw such a family.. no one argued, no one fought, everyone was lovey dovey to each other. Someone raised his voice, but that was because the mixer was running and the others couldn't hear him. It was like I was in the families you would see in your community living books when you were a kid.

As wonderful as they are, they are surely making it hard for me to adjust. Good gosh..this is just too hard. I need to vent, I need to pick a fight...


chumkymonkey90210 said...

Hey biyaitch!!!X(X(X(X(X( you have a problem with my family, huh huh huh? well I had never told you before just to be decent but yo so fat you are one whole zip code!

Patrix said...

Are you sure when you were at A's place you didn't see their screensaver?

And although Ash and I don't come from the same backgrounds, our families kids composition (wah!what a term) is similar to yours.

LOL @ chumky's fat joke :)

Mandira said...

that is funny LOL, I'm also saving your wedding post for tomorrow work day read :)Our family is like yours... drama and stuff, while A's is all, what did you call it... community living family ;)

phatichar said...

Hehehe, reminds me of this movie 'Pushpak', where Kamal Hassan records the kungfu sounds from the cinema nearby, and carries the tape with him to the hotel room where he just couldn't sleep without the sounds. :)

btw, I used to know a sqrl/nt a few years back in blogdom, who kind of vanished after a while...are you the same? Just asking

Sqrl/TA said...

Chumky, I'll see you outside..

Patrix, no it isnt the screensaver... it has been the same story for 2 weeks that they've been here...:) I shdn't complain about it though :)

Hey Mandira, good to see you here. Yeah,,, I could guess that about you guys too... :)

Heyy! Yes, i am the same sqrl..just move around once in a while...