Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The mystery of the running girl

For almost two years now, we see a girl running on the road. Every morning and sometimes in the evening. Be it bitterly cold or extremely hot, this girl is always dressed in the same red pants and sweatshirt, and a jacket if there's a snowstorm. I have seen her in so many places around campus and recently even on campus. She doesn’t run like a runner (the types who compete/run to work out). She runs more like someone who is for a lecture. Hands all over the place, odds and ends hanging from her shoulders, flying about her as she runs. But her pace is exactly the same every time I see her.

But today, she ran right next to me.. In fact almost collided into me . I had half a mind of calling out to her and asking her where she runs to and from everyday, but then I thought I'd let her go. Getting the answer would ruin the mystery and the 2 minutes of speculation me and my husband do everyday when we see her.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Losing touch

There are some people in your life that you can always count on. The ones who you know, no matter how many years go by without talking to, when you do, its like you were never out of touch. And they are usually the same ones you can count on to help you at all times, no matter what.

But what if you feel that knowing this, you both have made lesser efforts than you should have, to get in touch with each other, and keep in touch? to put things another way, the closer you are to a person, the more you take them for granted?

These days I feel like I am losing someone who is very close to me, just because I have been having a little too many 'I'll call you back's..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SBaB updates

The SBaB program worked really well. I finally got one experiment to work. But now as I explained to my husband (who is so tired of listening to me and my 'experiments') I just mixed the right colours, now I have the whole sky to paint with that colour.

Ever get a premonition? Like today, right as I walked in to the room to view my results, I thought, today this thing has to work. Was it premonition, or was it that I had known that I had finally eliminated all the kinks in the experiment and knew that now, nothing could go wrong?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How the step back and breathe program's going so far

As I decided in my previous post, I decided to just step back and breathe. And relax. First, I thought I would just take the morning off, but as morning turned into evening, I decide that well, some more vacay time wont hurt, and it ended up that I did not go to the lab for the whole 'business hours' day.

And its been more or less fabulous. I woke up at 10 am, and made myself a nice hot coffee and watched some Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Grifford push pull on TV. I had a nice shower in some Crabtree and Evelyn bath products we picked up from our hotel room in Hilton because as Ross says , 'They're built into the price'. Then came back and turned the TV to watch 2 minutes of 'The View' , because frankly, that's all I can take of that show. Went online , blurked and twlurked. Made some comments.

Peeled some onions and vacuumed the peels off, scaring myself in the process.

Was reminded of so many blogs that I used to visit, but don't these days. Not sure what the reason was, but that's okay I don't have to read everything that everyone says, all the time. That's like wanting to watch all the TV channels there are.

But then yet, visited a couple. Neutralized the bad taste in my mouth from watching the View.

You know which other sucky morning show I used to watch? Live with Regis and Kelly.No no, it wasn't voluntary, but that show was always on during my wait for my early morning doctor's appointments. In fact, thanks to that I have a nice association with the show. Bless the doctor.

Wrote a long winded nonsensical autobiographical post on my day. Stopped feeling guilty about adding crap to the internet . (Yes, I have that fear..I liked to think that I should conserve the space blogger's alloted me by posting something sensible. But screw that. If Regis and Kelly can have their show, I can have my blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Step back and breathe

It is one of those days, where I keep doing an experiment and suddenly lose track of why I am doing it in the first place. It turns into a war. I HAVE to make it work, I HAVE to make it work, and finally I am not even sure why I started the experiment out in the first place. This time, now that I have realised it, I hope I approach things more rationally. And step back and breathe when needed. I am doing the same exact experiment, tweaking it here and there for the past five days, the last time this happened, tweaking went on for a year after which one day, everything just miraculously fell into place. I hope this time I don't have to go on for one year before I hit pay dirt. and oh yeah, that one year, was just 'method optimization' I still needed another month to analyze samples after that. Oh well such is science. It's true what TGFI says about science.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So boss gave me some tips on how to select a they are..

How to select a journal for your publication, besides a decent impact factor that is.

It should be freely accessible to people in the University. If it is, then it is probably available in other universities as well.

look through the references in your manuscript and then narrow your choice down to the top 3 journals you have been citing from, and then select one of them, depending on the impact factor. ie, they aren't too big for you and not too small either.

Check which journals the lab has been publishing in before and if they are suitable for your current one.

My tip: make sure the journal's formatting style is included in endnote or else it is a heck of a pain to format things.

Slightly unrelated. sometimes I wonder it would be fun to have a lab blog and a blogroll for 'labs we like'.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lessons from Dreams

I know most people are not interested in other people's dreams, I apologize, this is actually a 'note to self'.

Last night I had a dream which that actually had a moral science lesson. This wasn't the fun dream I used to have as a child, where there was a well in our living room and skulls used to emerge from the well and have conversations with us. This was more human. A guy, I don't know who, was being tortured by some other people. ( not bad torture, just walk the plank types) and the final step was making the guy jump off a building from the terrace. The guy was made to stand at the ledge and the torturers were going to push him over at an 'unspecified time'. So the guy is thinking, screw all this, if I jump right now I will be spared of any other bad things these guys have planned for me. But just as he is about to jump, one of the sidekick torturers runs in and informs the main dude that this guy who's being tortured is actually the son of his 'really scary aunt'; a piece of information that makes the torturer all weak-kneed and allows for a hurried rescue of our tortured guy.

Seriously, torture and waiting to fall off an edge and then being suddenly let's too creepy to try to make sense of, but somewhere, I got a 'moral of the story' from all this. Don't given up on your own, you never know when a sudden twist of fate may improve your prospects.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Its a new semester. New beginnings. Its one of the advantages of being in a university, you get to 'start over' three times a year, make three new semester resolutions, instead of once a year new year resolutions.

So this semester I have a couple of work related resolutions.

1) Finish all the lab work that's related to my thesis.
2) Finish all the manuscripts.
3) Dress more professionally.

Only three things. Of which one is fluff. So that;s not so hard.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby names

These days there is a baby boom around me. And with each baby coming in, there is a controversy over the last name. Do we want to keep it as the father's family name? Or hyphen a mother's name to it? Or just have one long last name. One creative couple even named their kids as 'kid's first name, father's first name-mother's last name, father's last name' . While I love that concept, as I was watching a Freind's episode last night, I was reminded of 'Princess Consuela Banana hammock' , the name Phoebe changes to after she marries Mike. And in that , the officer tells her her name can be 'anything she wants' .SO I have decided. My future kid is going to have numeric last name. And it will immortalize the number of the house me and my husband conceived her/him in. He/she may then add to his/her kids last name, the number of the house the kids were conceived in. This will literally keep all the gharanas alive. Oh now I want to have a baby just so I can have her hate me for her unfortunate last name.
PS: I predict, 15 yrs from now, the world's going to have a lot of those kind of kids.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So mom wants to know whats going on in my life. Not much actually, but anything and everything is good for her. However, there is a problem.I have a verh short term memory. Especially when it comes to good gossip or fun things that happened. Additionally, mom is maha social and therefore almost never at home. So IM'ing her is not really an option. But she still wants to know. ( and I want to tell, if only I remembered)

So what's the answer? Twitter of course. I thought of that when I opened my account on Twitter and opened an account for her too. But she really isn;t using it. Which makes sense. I mean if she is online, she might as well use skype and call me, instead of reading 140 charac filled bakwaas from me.

But mataG is maha texter. As is everyone in Mumbai I guess. So what if I configure her a/c for receiving texts? How would that work? I'm guessing incomings are free, so it wont cost her but how do you turn SMSes off at night?

So many things to figure out, but on paper, it does seem like a good idea..any suggestions/input?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'd vote for her, if I could.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

In other things, is it just me, or is that actually Kareena Kapoor?

What's my style? (Not that it matters.)

I've been watching 'What not to Wear' for a while now. I used to like it for a while, but now it just seems like they take people with individuality and and transform them into people with 'admin style' know, the style of those nice admin assistants you see in offices, who all look like they went to jcpenny on the same day?

Personally I don't have a 'style' but at the same time, I know what I like. I don't like to dress in solids too much. I don't like to have a 'signature style'. Also, department stores make me claustrophobic. I'm better off shopping at New York & Co. or Ann Taylor than Macy's or JCPenny, just because there I don't feel like all the clothes are out to eat me. Surprisingly, Walmart is not as claustrophobic..not even the supercenter.

I love prints. And I try to stick to the 'regulation' of one solid piece + one print at a time. And I am not scared of experimenting with prints.

So there. To use a term I've recently learnt, bite me.

OH btw, endless surfing @,, and

In other things, I am thinking of starting a 'swear blog' in which I will use ALL the swear words I wanted to use in the day but couldn't. EFF EFF EFF. EFF you RIA.

And why the EFF is David Beckham endorsing EFFING Sharpies. oh wait, I actually could use the 'real words' in that sentence, so that stays on this blog. :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Unfinished thoughts

Saturday Mornings, a cup of coffee and a book. I am reading the chapter in which one of the protagonists mulls over books bought but never read. Which sit on the shelf, staring at you, sometimes angrily and sometimes pleading. I have many books of that kind. But I hope that one day, I will have given them away to someone who may turn their pages, slowly.

This particular book I have been reading for three weeks now, but have read only 173 pages so far. Not because it is a boring book, but because it is one of the most engaging books I've read in a long time. I am 'savouring' it.

But there is another book on which I might have spent the same amount of time, and read the same number of pages. But never completed the book. The name of that book is 'A Suitable Boy. By Vikram Seth. It is a book I have borrowed from the library many times, kept at my house through the loan period, and once even beyond. But I still cannot get beyond its first few pages. And then I find out the she has tried to read the same book four times, but each time got only as far as page 80.

It is too fat, the book. My hands hurt when I carried it from the library to home, and that took much of the excitement away. After that, I've tried to read it only to be able to keep up in conversations. but I have matured since then. If I cannot finish a book, it is acceptable. Trying to finish it would be like dragging a bad relationship. The sooner we part ways, the better.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


So cliched, but its so easy being mean..

Its easy to ignore people and their moods and carry on life the way you want to

bleach in the pool does not smell the same as bleach in the kitchen.

Almost all Indians who swim, swim incorrectly. And create excessive splashing in the pool. Why is that? Did all the coaches go to one single convention and come back resolving to teach everyone the wrong technique? In case you're wondering, I swim the wrong way too..but trying to correct it.

Sort of keep coming back to the whole 'its easy being mean' funda.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is the internet bad for science

Asks a news line in my inbox.
Well I don't know, but all I know is Thank God for the internet and interlibrary express loans. Otherwise I would never have dreamed of graduating in the amount of time I dream to. :)

Of course, I don;t know another way. My researching days started only after the internet became as essential and easily available as air. So its the only way I know.

Returning Decades

I got my first Glamour magazine in the mail today. It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be..their free tote bag was in fact better. But this issue did give me a useful piece of information.

The 90s are back. That gives me even more reason to wallow in nostalgia...the things I did and the things I missed out on.

Speaking of which, seems to me I missed the biggest trend in the 90s by hating boybands..but sorry thats not something i'm willing to do, even though the 90s are supposedly back.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random recruiter tales

A random recruiter probably got my contact information off one of the associations I am registered for. And now he keeps calling me every 4 months, asking me how much I have progressed and if I am getting such and such experience on my resume. I think I was just too kind when I talked to him before and said I will sent him some information, but now he just acts like he's my boss.. he asked me to send him my CV, something I haven't even looked at myself, so he could work on it. Dude! I am not ready. Back off! I just keep telling him I have no idea when I will graduate but he just doesnt get it as a sign to push off. Maybe its time to be more direct.And tell him I have little, if any, respect for people who use their initials as their names in professional settings.

Monkey off my back

A recently got rid of a 'monkey off his back' when he took an exam he had to for a long time. I need to get two monkeys off my back. I don't understand why I am so incredibly slow when writing. I wonder how long it normally takes for people to write one manuscript. Going by the emails, one of them has been on my back for 3 weeks and the other for bluddy 4 years. The second one is just too much data and something I certainly don't want to do.
But must get both the monkeys off my back.. Have to get the printouts today and send them out to the other authors.

Monkey! Get off my Back!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

not a word you hear everday

Bucolic . So much more interesting than the vanilla 'rural'.

Then why does it remind me of a cow's stomach?

Possible apple tree

That tree in the backyard? Might be an apple tree.. it had some very pretty blossoms in the fall and now has apple-y fruit. Don't eat those apples though.. the squirrels will get to them anyway.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Puppies or weddings pictures?

Back in 1992 when I was a 12 yr old my youngest aunt was getting married in much pomp and all. Hours passed, and me and my sister dutifully fulfilled the roles of little flower girls, distributing flowers to one and all and generally having a ball throwing attar on women's silk sarees and akshata on bald men's heads. (of course there was some conflict resolution going on on the side..we had decided that the war between the TN team and the KB team had dragged on too long and a wedding was the perfect time to broker a peace deal).

While all that was real good fun nothing, really nothing, could come even a close second to 6 cuddly newborn puppies. I was 12 and my sister 10. Our maternal uncles ( who by the way were 19 and 22 at the time) convinced us that it would be superfun to go to another relatives house and name the 6 cuddly newborn puppies, and as a bonus, we would also meet Gauri, Shammi and Chikki. (Chikki was the puppies mom, Shammi HER mom and Gauri was the spinster grandaunt of the puppies).

We thought we'd be able to cut across to Bandra from Dadar, name the pups and come right back for the pictures, so we all slunk out. And off we went. But tell me, can a 12 or 10 year old keep track of time when something THIS cute is in her hands?

I blame my uncles for not keeping track of time.. and not taking us back to the wedding hall in time for my aunt's wedding pictures.. but honestly.. take a look at those puppies again.. you think a 22 year old guy can keep track of time surrounded by those cuties? I don't think so.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Conflict resolution is mentally and emotionall draining, but it is your calling..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Decisions decisions decisions...

So I am thinking about getting a new laptop.

Its a 3.5 yr old laptop and I have replaced the electric cord on it, added ram and some other things. In all, probably spent about $120 extra on those things.

Now frankly, it works just great, but has been hitting a few bumps lately. For but the past 2 days, the audio seems to be coming on and going off on its own.And yes, I've encountered the mysterious blue screen maybe once a year. So I wonder, even though this laptop 'fulfills' my needs, is it time to get a new one.

But somehow I'm hesitant, considering the fact that this one still does everything i need it to, and at a speed i am certainly not complaining about.

Now frankly I wouldn't have wondered about this but for the Macbook+ipod touch' deal. Getting those AND a free printer for 1k does not sound like a bad deal at all. Especially since my lil 700m is hiccuping the way it is.

On the other hand, I could get a free ipod touch in the next three months, so the free ipod touch deal suddenly becomes less lucrative...

I guess it depends on how long does a regular 700m lasts.

decisions decisions decisions..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Masala Turkey Meatloaf

I'm constantly looking for recipes that can have prep time less than 15 minutes, so when I heard about meatloaf from my labmate, it was something I knew I wanted to add to my regulars menu.

However, we are a decidedly desi household. ( BTW, awesome term for our kind, coined by Inkspillz: DITLAWM (Double Income Two Lazy Asses Without Maid) And so anything we eat has to have a ton of spices in it. Also turkey is a 'healthier option' than beef, so if this had to become a regular, it would have to be a turkey dish.

So I tried the following steps for a killer Masala Turkey Mealloaf ( Hence refered to as MTM)

The basic recipe is hers, which is to combine the meat, stock, breadcrumbs and some spices and bake at 375F.

a) Mix the following ingredients together

1lb ground turkey
1/2 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
1tsp ginger garlic paste
1tsp coriander chutney
1tsp salt
1 cup egg beaters (equiv of 2 eggs)
1tsp any chicken gravy masala ( in my case it was a 'Malvani' masala from some shop in Mumbai. Does that mean the meatloaf becomes a Malvani Turkey Meatloaf? hmm)

Mash them together into a homogeneous paste and lay out thickly into a greased baking pan. The one I used was a square metal pan, 8x8x2 inch.

Bake @ 375 for 45 mins

Allow to cool. Enjoy with ketchup or gravy if you have the energy or patience to make it. If you want to make gravy, kindly google a recipe and let me know about it too!

As work proceeds at snail's pace..

I am at that stage where we finally need to get out that piece of data thats been analyzed and re analyzed to death. So finally I have it written out, and things look okay and now I’ve been told to look for an appropriate journal for the same. Some of the things I was told to look out for were

a) Accessibility to users from our Univ?

b) Look at the articles you’ve been citing frequently, and determine which journals they are coming from. Then narrow it down to one or two from those

c) Impact factor. I wasn’t told to look for it, but still I’m looking at the journals the lab has previously published in, and trying to find a journal that has a+b characteristics as well as an impact factor in the same range as previously published works. Narrowed it down to two journals so far, and sent it to boss. Hopefully the work gets published in the near future.

Additional reading
Summertime Rocks:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Touristy mom

Mudder returns from a touristy trip to the UK. I am so damn proud of her. :) I always make plans to go somewhere nice, and then keep putting them off because a) I won't get leave b) It will eat into my India trip (too many of those happening, thanks to siblings and allies getting married).

At first, I was very apprehensive. But then I remembered who were talking about. This is the lady who went around NYC with a subway map and some cash and went around all the major points in the city and dragged dad along. At one point she decided she wanted to see the world famous Wall Street Bull (seriously, this guy is like the next Niagara Falls, inexplicable attraction point to the desis and Asians). So she just turned around and asked people 'Where is the bull?' To her credit she was in the wall street area, but seriously, what reaction did she expect. She calls me and goes 'hey I just asked a lady where the bull was and she said she didn't know which bull'. How can she be here and not know where the bull is.' ( well, actually it was sort of my fault. I had the total desi mentality and gave her half baked directions over the phone and then added a 'waha jaake kisi ko bhi pooch lena, bataa denge' at the end. )

But in the end, they made it to the Bull, and were very happy indeed.

This experience of hers made her more brave and she decided that this summer she could go to the UK. Dad put his foot down and refused any more adventurous travel, but mommy dearest had a friend who's going for a Europe tour, the friend is a very organized person, and they have common friends scattered all over the UK, who are more than willing to take them around. So she and friend I am told had a wonderful time out there. All I need is photographic evidence

This time when she did London though, my friends mom and dad took her around ( much like an insider's tour..they were visiting their daughter for a month, but live very close to my parents' place in Mumbai) I'm sure that wouldn't have stopped my mom from asking passersby random questions...I wonder though..what might she have asked? where is the queen? in any case, they all probably know the answer to that one.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I am sick of it. Let me just get over with it already. Its like the ripping of a band-aid..I need to do it now, and fast. Of course, it will hurt when I do it. But after that, there won't be any pain!

Eroding social skills

I think that's what's happened to me over the past few years. My social skills have gone from an average value, to perhaps downright unacceptable. I think I have lost the filter between my mind and my mouth.

No, there is a filter in place, its just that it gets too clogged up frequently, and then on one occasion just rips open and I end up causing a gigantic embarrassment. These days since I have realized the ripping of the filter, I tend to avoid situations which might cause an embarrassment, which is to say, I think I avoid any and all social interaction, beyond the lab. I should really get over that, and get back into the groove.


I love you,blog.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dirty Kangaroo

Recent events that conspired reminded me once again that for some reason, family members consider me to be the 'freak in the family', while sqrl/TA is viewed as the angel/know-it-all/'good one'. Fact is that she just uses a cold front in the face of everyone else and then her evil, silly side seems to surface on the blogs and when with me.

For example, she just explained to me why and how tissues are grinded with mechanical blades for use in the labs. This, in spite of knowing my total fear of blood and blades concerning others. Somehow, that conversation led to the discovery that the infamous Dirty Kangaroo poem we used to sing in school ( and more often to decide who's 'den' it is while playing in a group) is not to be found online.

So I have been assigned the honor of posting this for the benefit of future 'dirty kangaroo' googlers and nostalgic desis. I guess it goes well with my history of horrible animal related posts.

Warning : It is possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever sung. No animals were hurt in the making of this poem - god knows who made it - certainly not the Australian Tourism Board!!!

Dirty Kangaroo

Kangaroo, Kangaroo, Dirty Kangaroo,
Sitting on the railway, doing number two!

Number two is dirrrrtyy, wash it in the sea,
Cut it into pieces and have it with your tea!

Side Note : Why do bollywood songs have "ROO ROO ROO ROOOOOOOO, ROO ROO ROO ROOOOOOO", as background fillers???!!!

Also - interview of Dirty Kangaroo hisself :
My Fav Song : Roo-ba-Roo
Fav Movie : Roo-Dali
What I want in life : Roo-pees, lots of Roo-pees
Where to find kangaroo sarees in Mumbai : Roo-pam
Fav actor : Shah Roo-k
Fav food - Roo-Mali roti

Friday, May 30, 2008

Scene at the Indian restaurant

The Indian restaurant I've been to a couple of times has this wonderful tapestry hanging from pushpins on the wall. At first glance, it looks like your regular Indian restaurant kitsch, but up on closer inspection, you realise its depth. It is a scene filled with dread and horror....

Allow me to dissect the scene

Its a nice sunny day dark scary night. The king and queen are out on their royal camel, accompanied by by their able guards.


as seen in area 1: Two guards are making eyes at each other. Not to mention the sneaky hand holding..

As are the guards in area 4..perhaps some sweet nothings are being exchanged..

All the other guards either look stoned or are taking in the gossip to post it on their blogs.

If the guards are making eyes, the king and queen have to , too. (3)

And of course the camel's in looove..with superman?

And of course as the camel's trying to jump and catch up with superman and might just get tripped up by the wonderful pink dangling seat under his foot.

Tragedy, waiting to happen.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Movie To-Do list.

Kung Fu Panda

Get Smart

(actually caught a 30 min episode of the 'original' series on TV the other day..odd)


Wall E

Sex and the City

(the last one to prove I'm not a 10 yr old)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Presentation freaking out

I'm officially nervous. I am supposed to give a tiny presentation at 10 am and I haven't rehearsed for it yet. It is data that I have frankly been around for too long. And the presentation is part of one I gave in February. I have been taking things too lightly, but I sooo soo hope this does not come back to bite me.

Waiting for 10.20 am..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frustrating Connectivity Issues

Summer's here and I am trying to spend as much time as possible outside on the deck, writing. I'd like to do that for an extended period of time and it looked like I might be able to do it: I found a little electric outlet on the outside of the house, which would take care of the charging. But, I just cannot get my computer to connect to the internet Its weird, because distance-wise, the laptop is closer to the router than anywhere else in the house (except the same room, in which case you don't really need a router. I get a connection sometimes, but it is so slow and painful and gets dropped in 10 seconds. I wonder if there is something I'm not doing right. The minute I open the patio door and step inside, the connection is wonderful.

Oh well, at least this is a frustrating, but most likely overcome-able problem

Sunday, May 18, 2008

:)dont have time to elaborate. funny.

Update: So I finally have time to elaborate. Danny Bhoy and I have similar opinions about Brett Lee.

Oh! And so does the entire nation of Australia, apparently

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No one can beat Godzilla

A picture is worth a 1000 words. But till I get that, here is the explanation :

Some meetings just seem to drag on and on and on and on I tell you. Today I was in this monkey discussion which seemed to be basically about how we could climb banana trees to get to the fruit instead of having a giraffe break them down for us.

Cryptic, cryptic.

Anyway - given how short my attention span is and I always start doodling even if something highly exciting is in the making. I picked up my thermocol glass and drew a flower with a cute little bunny next to it. Aww. I guess I was in a sober mood.

Two minutes later, I look at the glass and to my horror see that there was a shapeless monster about the devour the bunny!

Apparently I was not the only one looking to escape. My colleague, let's call her Lilac ( coz thats her favorite flower), had so deviously drawn said monstah on the cup!

I am not one to let monstahs wreck peaceful bunny lives. Powerpuff girl after all. So, soon we had a giant hairy, wart filled foot about to step on the monstah!!!

Not to be outdone, a fire that was about to burn the giant foot as it was about to step on the monstah that was about to eat the bunny appeared.

Followed by my aluminium watering can that was about to extinguish the fire.

This one took time to appear, but next thing you know, there was a recycling truck with "I <3 to eat Aluminium" written on it, about to get the can.

Call it being competitive or maybe we just ran out of space. I got the last word with Godzilla, saying he loves to eat trucks, about to eat the truck that was about to get the can that was about to water the fire that was about to burn the foot that was about to step on the monstah that was about to eat the bunny. And NO ONE CAN BEAT GODZILLA - GROWRRR!!!

Unresolved meeting issue : was the bunny going to eat the flower?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This week is commencement. Students all around me a excited about finally graduating and having their moment under the sun after years of hard work. (I imagine..the only real conversation I've had today was with a imaginary one at that) . At least I was super excited about getting my masters degree and actually bought a $39.99 (whoa!) suit. My aunts flew in for the occasion and they we even had a little party at home. ( All 4 roommates were graduating and so had relatives and such over.) But last year, I had an interesting experience. I was at the home of a relative, a very senior professor. He had to attend the graduating ceremony. And was not happy about it. He was not happy about the fact that he was going to have to sit on the stage, listening to endless 'inspiring' speeches, only to go up to the stage for 1 minute to 'hood' his students.
And thats when it struck me. Imagine, for a student graduating is something that happens 2, maybe 3 times in their lives. Professors have to go through the process over and over again. Is it
inevitable that you become so cynical about the process when you have to show up every year, that too all dressed up in uncomfortabe academic regalia.
I am going to have work extra hard in the lab. Because I'm going to attend my graduation (whenever that it) and I need to make up for putting my advisor through it. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

feeling down? dig deeper.

When there are problems in your life, people say it is important to focus on the positive aspects in your life. My experience is focusing on the biggest screw up in your life helps you realize how small or insignificant this current one is.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Name Change

For so long I've been meaning to officially change my last name after marraige..but never did it. I'm probably going to go the hyphen way, but have always wondered does the maiden name come first or the married. Apparently it doesn't matter. But this linkhelped me decide. By using the married name first, I move from #20 to #1 in the alphabet. Talk about using an unfair advantage.. On the other hand, anecdotal evidence does not support the study mentioned above..results did not come out to be statistically significant.. So may be its just a sample pool thing?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some thoughts:

Now is a good time to start clicking..

I am SO behind on my writing that its not even funny anymore.

I am a little behind on my printing, but that'll get done tomorrow.

Need dressy shoes for Thursday. Thursday is a packed day.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


Labmate introduced me to a website called 'Overheard in New York'.
Fun stuff. Adds to my afternoon addictions of this and this and

So in the spirit of the newly found website, let me give you a few of my own

Overheard somewhere not so far away, not so long ago:

'How can something so complex be by chance? ' talking about evolution

'DO you believe the end is near?'. talking about what else, the end.

'Its always the non believers that are the problem', talking about moi?

Where's a running train when you need one.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wierd story in Goa.

Police men in goa will hide on top of a ghat to catch errant drivers. For example: poor lil biker goes whistling to the top of the ghat only to find policemen waiting there to welcome him. There is no where he can turn. the only way out is down, and that is where the police are waiting. the poor man is caught, and he pays his fines/bribes. But he wants to save others to the same trickery he fell for. So as he;s going down, he starts warning bikers coming up the other side by signalling 'helmet, helmet', to one and all. And guess what, thanks to his warning sign, the bikers unlock the helmet they have hitched on the back of the bike, wear it and move ahead. Ahh such community living. Help each other. I am sure a similar thing happened on the other side of the ghat as well. The police were probably left wondering how come suddenly everyone has a helmet on. The only thing not there was a lil helmet hawker at the base of the ghat. But I am sure one will come along soon.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I am stuck in a room with no windows right now, with three machines buzzing around me like crazy. Do they have minds? Maybe they do. For the nth timethe instrument I work with decided to act up. It;s not the instrument's fault really, but once in a while, the computer that manages the instrument is not on talking terms with it, and decides to go on strike. And EVERY single time that happens, I happen to be using it.

When it happened for the millionth time today, I finally gave up and burst into tears. I called up A and sobbed about how the instrument has never ever co-operated with me, and I always have to spend more time than anyone else has to.

I hung up, and decided to give it one last try. And its back on. Its wierd. Did the instrument feel sorry for me? Maybe. I dont know what it is, but something tells me we need to get a new computer around here.

Junk food for the mind

Over dinner, discussion with Pauser and gang soon disintegrated into the usual trashy topic of who's going out with who in Bollywood, and forecasts on people's careers in Bollywood. Of course, Pauser was highly impressed by my knowledge in all things Hindi movie.

So now Pauser has resolved to keep up with all news Bolly related by reading Mid-Day. OF course, that isnt going to be enough, since DNA and Mumbai Mirror are eating into Mid-day's territory, but you won't get news like OOOH Ranbir is dating Deepika....who at last count had at least 4 boyfriends ( series, not parallel) anywhere else.

And not to mention Manish Malhotra's catty remarks about Vidya Balan being the Paris Hilton of India. ( I dont think Vidya says 'that's hot', but whatever) Now Vidya baby had the guts to call a spade a spade, and Malhotra's ugly designs in Heyy Babyy, well, ugly. Of course she went and out fugged her Hayy Babyy days @ Filmfare decreasing a credility by a huge chunk, but come on Manish, your ICL costumes are a huge dhabba on your credo.

Anyway, this is such a random post.. I am off junk food you see.. no soda, no pizza nothing. So I have to satisfy my junk cravings via Mid-day...Thank you God, for Mid-day.

OF course, for all the details on the lattest gossip on Vidya-Mal snarky snark snark, and Ranbir's declaration of true date, visit

Friday, March 07, 2008

New look

Maybe its the glasses, but this template just makes me want to post something more wicked than ever.

Class report

Went to my first ever painting class last week. I had registered on a whim, so when the first day of class arrived, i was seriously jittery. what if everyone else knows exactly what they are doing, they discover I don't? As I confessed to my sister, I can't paint shit. (The accomplished artist that she is, she told me its quite easy, just paint a suspicious blob in burnt sienna.. )

So anyway, i went to this class, and for the first time EVER, I felt like I was in another country. In so many years of being in the us, it was probably my first time being the only person in the room with non-American parents. And the first time being the only non white person in a room. It was like I had walked into a weird scene in desperate housewives.. and there was a doctor there too. His name wasn't Rex, so he's probably going to be around for a while. :) Of course, people had trouble pronouncing my name, and of course, I rolled the R more severely than necessary, just for kicks. But finally we settled on sqrl, the way Americans say it. After all, I don't really swallow the Rs in their names, so why should I expect them to roll the one in mine. RRRRRight?

The instructor was the cutest grandma, and grandmas are cute everywhere, even if they are the meanest little grandmas. But this lady was cuter than MY grandma. ( who incidentally was a teacher herself..hmm..) She put the newbies at ease, and gave us a quick run through of what supplies we'll need to get based on what our preferences are ( traditional oils, water mixables, acrylics). I've chosen water mixables, because apparently, they are more forgiving than acrylics, but less messy than traditional oils. And we were also told to look out for coupons in the papers for art supplies. otherwise this is going to be an expensive affair indeed.

And she told us to get a scene we'd like to paint. The first one, for starters has to be a simple one, with some water or sky, some grass and maybe a tree. So I am thinking of taking this one below. Even for future projects, I am thinking of taking my own photographs.

And yeah, she also told us what paints to get. The primaries, a white and a brown. I am thinking of taking burnt sienna to paint a suspicious blob in the grass we're going to paint.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Silly panic beeping in the RAV4

We bought the RAV4, keeping in mind the snowy weather here, and the fast formation of black ice on the streets. Of course, for the past 1.5 yr, we haven't had any problems, probably thanks to three factors: 'Intelligent four wheel drive' on the RAV4, the city's efficient snow clean up. ( It really is, at least on the main streets and highways.) and EXTREME defensive driving efforts on our part.

BUT in the past week, the car skid twice, once on a left turn and once on a right turn. The bad part wasn't the fact that the car skid. I understand that no matter how 'intelligent' your four wheel drive is, there are some things it just cannot handle.

What annoyed me is the rapid panic beeping sound makes when the car gets out of control. I mean come ON! I know the car is out of control, I am doing my best to get it back in control, I don't need your helpful rapid beeping to send me into panic mode. I'm sure the driver's anxiety level goes 10x higher after hearing the beep. It's like the car telling you 'oops, you're on your own now,buddy.' And the car started beeping for a little skid, making things seem more serious than they actually were.

The wierdest part was looking for a settings button on the car. :) And realising, this isn't a phone. Need to go back to the manual to check how to stop that annoying sound.

Anyway, here's how to control a skidding Rava:

'Toyota says the new RAV has a unique electric power steering system that should help control skids. If you start skidding and turn the wheel the correct way to stop the skid — that is, steer left if the back end is skidding left — the system provides normal power assistance. If you turn the wrong way — which would make the skid worse — you get no power assistance. That's an obvious clue you're doing it wrong, and it slows your ability to exaggerate the skid.'

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Not quite a century

Scared of a century, so I keep deleting my 'what was I thinking' posts to keep the total posts < 100. Come to think of it, this post will be deleted tomorrow.

I want.

Someone, anyone to get married so I can play dress up..for real.

LOVED Jodhaa Akbar.

(for more yum, check posters here)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The expectation vortex

Should I even write something about it? Well I think I have already been sucked into the vortex of expectations ( it is an upside down vortex that keeping sucking you on to a higher level every year). For the past couple of years, I have been receiving gifts from A.. and of course, he hasn't been receiving any from me. I am a wierd non-gifter, a convenient cheapskate I guess, but I simply forget dates and therefore gifts.

So this year I made it clear that I don't want any gifts for V-Day because I don't want to be sucked into the above mentioned vortex. And as the evening nears, I find it's a lost cause. I am already in. I am sort of hoping A went ahead and got me something anyway.

Its all his fault. He better have a good gift to make up for it. :|

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gems from a matrimonial database:
Name: Mr. XYZ.
Details about BOY: ht-5'7". Employed in major multinational bank. Owns flat in prime location in Mumbai. Age 42.

Remarks about BOY: Not really a 'BOY'. no?