Thursday, March 13, 2008


Labmate introduced me to a website called 'Overheard in New York'.
Fun stuff. Adds to my afternoon addictions of this and this and

So in the spirit of the newly found website, let me give you a few of my own

Overheard somewhere not so far away, not so long ago:

'How can something so complex be by chance? ' talking about evolution

'DO you believe the end is near?'. talking about what else, the end.

'Its always the non believers that are the problem', talking about moi?

Where's a running train when you need one.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wierd story in Goa.

Police men in goa will hide on top of a ghat to catch errant drivers. For example: poor lil biker goes whistling to the top of the ghat only to find policemen waiting there to welcome him. There is no where he can turn. the only way out is down, and that is where the police are waiting. the poor man is caught, and he pays his fines/bribes. But he wants to save others to the same trickery he fell for. So as he;s going down, he starts warning bikers coming up the other side by signalling 'helmet, helmet', to one and all. And guess what, thanks to his warning sign, the bikers unlock the helmet they have hitched on the back of the bike, wear it and move ahead. Ahh such community living. Help each other. I am sure a similar thing happened on the other side of the ghat as well. The police were probably left wondering how come suddenly everyone has a helmet on. The only thing not there was a lil helmet hawker at the base of the ghat. But I am sure one will come along soon.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I am stuck in a room with no windows right now, with three machines buzzing around me like crazy. Do they have minds? Maybe they do. For the nth timethe instrument I work with decided to act up. It;s not the instrument's fault really, but once in a while, the computer that manages the instrument is not on talking terms with it, and decides to go on strike. And EVERY single time that happens, I happen to be using it.

When it happened for the millionth time today, I finally gave up and burst into tears. I called up A and sobbed about how the instrument has never ever co-operated with me, and I always have to spend more time than anyone else has to.

I hung up, and decided to give it one last try. And its back on. Its wierd. Did the instrument feel sorry for me? Maybe. I dont know what it is, but something tells me we need to get a new computer around here.

Junk food for the mind

Over dinner, discussion with Pauser and gang soon disintegrated into the usual trashy topic of who's going out with who in Bollywood, and forecasts on people's careers in Bollywood. Of course, Pauser was highly impressed by my knowledge in all things Hindi movie.

So now Pauser has resolved to keep up with all news Bolly related by reading Mid-Day. OF course, that isnt going to be enough, since DNA and Mumbai Mirror are eating into Mid-day's territory, but you won't get news like OOOH Ranbir is dating Deepika....who at last count had at least 4 boyfriends ( series, not parallel) anywhere else.

And not to mention Manish Malhotra's catty remarks about Vidya Balan being the Paris Hilton of India. ( I dont think Vidya says 'that's hot', but whatever) Now Vidya baby had the guts to call a spade a spade, and Malhotra's ugly designs in Heyy Babyy, well, ugly. Of course she went and out fugged her Hayy Babyy days @ Filmfare decreasing a credility by a huge chunk, but come on Manish, your ICL costumes are a huge dhabba on your credo.

Anyway, this is such a random post.. I am off junk food you see.. no soda, no pizza nothing. So I have to satisfy my junk cravings via Mid-day...Thank you God, for Mid-day.

OF course, for all the details on the lattest gossip on Vidya-Mal snarky snark snark, and Ranbir's declaration of true date, visit

Friday, March 07, 2008

New look

Maybe its the glasses, but this template just makes me want to post something more wicked than ever.

Class report

Went to my first ever painting class last week. I had registered on a whim, so when the first day of class arrived, i was seriously jittery. what if everyone else knows exactly what they are doing, they discover I don't? As I confessed to my sister, I can't paint shit. (The accomplished artist that she is, she told me its quite easy, just paint a suspicious blob in burnt sienna.. )

So anyway, i went to this class, and for the first time EVER, I felt like I was in another country. In so many years of being in the us, it was probably my first time being the only person in the room with non-American parents. And the first time being the only non white person in a room. It was like I had walked into a weird scene in desperate housewives.. and there was a doctor there too. His name wasn't Rex, so he's probably going to be around for a while. :) Of course, people had trouble pronouncing my name, and of course, I rolled the R more severely than necessary, just for kicks. But finally we settled on sqrl, the way Americans say it. After all, I don't really swallow the Rs in their names, so why should I expect them to roll the one in mine. RRRRRight?

The instructor was the cutest grandma, and grandmas are cute everywhere, even if they are the meanest little grandmas. But this lady was cuter than MY grandma. ( who incidentally was a teacher herself..hmm..) She put the newbies at ease, and gave us a quick run through of what supplies we'll need to get based on what our preferences are ( traditional oils, water mixables, acrylics). I've chosen water mixables, because apparently, they are more forgiving than acrylics, but less messy than traditional oils. And we were also told to look out for coupons in the papers for art supplies. otherwise this is going to be an expensive affair indeed.

And she told us to get a scene we'd like to paint. The first one, for starters has to be a simple one, with some water or sky, some grass and maybe a tree. So I am thinking of taking this one below. Even for future projects, I am thinking of taking my own photographs.

And yeah, she also told us what paints to get. The primaries, a white and a brown. I am thinking of taking burnt sienna to paint a suspicious blob in the grass we're going to paint.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Silly panic beeping in the RAV4

We bought the RAV4, keeping in mind the snowy weather here, and the fast formation of black ice on the streets. Of course, for the past 1.5 yr, we haven't had any problems, probably thanks to three factors: 'Intelligent four wheel drive' on the RAV4, the city's efficient snow clean up. ( It really is, at least on the main streets and highways.) and EXTREME defensive driving efforts on our part.

BUT in the past week, the car skid twice, once on a left turn and once on a right turn. The bad part wasn't the fact that the car skid. I understand that no matter how 'intelligent' your four wheel drive is, there are some things it just cannot handle.

What annoyed me is the rapid panic beeping sound makes when the car gets out of control. I mean come ON! I know the car is out of control, I am doing my best to get it back in control, I don't need your helpful rapid beeping to send me into panic mode. I'm sure the driver's anxiety level goes 10x higher after hearing the beep. It's like the car telling you 'oops, you're on your own now,buddy.' And the car started beeping for a little skid, making things seem more serious than they actually were.

The wierdest part was looking for a settings button on the car. :) And realising, this isn't a phone. Need to go back to the manual to check how to stop that annoying sound.

Anyway, here's how to control a skidding Rava:

'Toyota says the new RAV has a unique electric power steering system that should help control skids. If you start skidding and turn the wheel the correct way to stop the skid — that is, steer left if the back end is skidding left — the system provides normal power assistance. If you turn the wrong way — which would make the skid worse — you get no power assistance. That's an obvious clue you're doing it wrong, and it slows your ability to exaggerate the skid.'

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Not quite a century

Scared of a century, so I keep deleting my 'what was I thinking' posts to keep the total posts < 100. Come to think of it, this post will be deleted tomorrow.

I want.

Someone, anyone to get married so I can play dress up..for real.

LOVED Jodhaa Akbar.

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