Saturday, March 08, 2008

Junk food for the mind

Over dinner, discussion with Pauser and gang soon disintegrated into the usual trashy topic of who's going out with who in Bollywood, and forecasts on people's careers in Bollywood. Of course, Pauser was highly impressed by my knowledge in all things Hindi movie.

So now Pauser has resolved to keep up with all news Bolly related by reading Mid-Day. OF course, that isnt going to be enough, since DNA and Mumbai Mirror are eating into Mid-day's territory, but you won't get news like OOOH Ranbir is dating Deepika....who at last count had at least 4 boyfriends ( series, not parallel) anywhere else.

And not to mention Manish Malhotra's catty remarks about Vidya Balan being the Paris Hilton of India. ( I dont think Vidya says 'that's hot', but whatever) Now Vidya baby had the guts to call a spade a spade, and Malhotra's ugly designs in Heyy Babyy, well, ugly. Of course she went and out fugged her Hayy Babyy days @ Filmfare decreasing a credility by a huge chunk, but come on Manish, your ICL costumes are a huge dhabba on your credo.

Anyway, this is such a random post.. I am off junk food you see.. no soda, no pizza nothing. So I have to satisfy my junk cravings via Mid-day...Thank you God, for Mid-day.

OF course, for all the details on the lattest gossip on Vidya-Mal snarky snark snark, and Ranbir's declaration of true date, visit

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