Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Silly panic beeping in the RAV4

We bought the RAV4, keeping in mind the snowy weather here, and the fast formation of black ice on the streets. Of course, for the past 1.5 yr, we haven't had any problems, probably thanks to three factors: 'Intelligent four wheel drive' on the RAV4, the city's efficient snow clean up. ( It really is, at least on the main streets and highways.) and EXTREME defensive driving efforts on our part.

BUT in the past week, the car skid twice, once on a left turn and once on a right turn. The bad part wasn't the fact that the car skid. I understand that no matter how 'intelligent' your four wheel drive is, there are some things it just cannot handle.

What annoyed me is the rapid panic beeping sound makes when the car gets out of control. I mean come ON! I know the car is out of control, I am doing my best to get it back in control, I don't need your helpful rapid beeping to send me into panic mode. I'm sure the driver's anxiety level goes 10x higher after hearing the beep. It's like the car telling you 'oops, you're on your own now,buddy.' And the car started beeping for a little skid, making things seem more serious than they actually were.

The wierdest part was looking for a settings button on the car. :) And realising, this isn't a phone. Need to go back to the manual to check how to stop that annoying sound.

Anyway, here's how to control a skidding Rava:

'Toyota says the new RAV has a unique electric power steering system that should help control skids. If you start skidding and turn the wheel the correct way to stop the skid — that is, steer left if the back end is skidding left — the system provides normal power assistance. If you turn the wrong way — which would make the skid worse — you get no power assistance. That's an obvious clue you're doing it wrong, and it slows your ability to exaggerate the skid.'

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