Monday, March 10, 2008

Wierd story in Goa.

Police men in goa will hide on top of a ghat to catch errant drivers. For example: poor lil biker goes whistling to the top of the ghat only to find policemen waiting there to welcome him. There is no where he can turn. the only way out is down, and that is where the police are waiting. the poor man is caught, and he pays his fines/bribes. But he wants to save others to the same trickery he fell for. So as he;s going down, he starts warning bikers coming up the other side by signalling 'helmet, helmet', to one and all. And guess what, thanks to his warning sign, the bikers unlock the helmet they have hitched on the back of the bike, wear it and move ahead. Ahh such community living. Help each other. I am sure a similar thing happened on the other side of the ghat as well. The police were probably left wondering how come suddenly everyone has a helmet on. The only thing not there was a lil helmet hawker at the base of the ghat. But I am sure one will come along soon.

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manuscrypts said...

haha, share, collaborate..looks like web2.0 is going offline :)