Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frustrating Connectivity Issues

Summer's here and I am trying to spend as much time as possible outside on the deck, writing. I'd like to do that for an extended period of time and it looked like I might be able to do it: I found a little electric outlet on the outside of the house, which would take care of the charging. But, I just cannot get my computer to connect to the internet Its weird, because distance-wise, the laptop is closer to the router than anywhere else in the house (except the same room, in which case you don't really need a router. I get a connection sometimes, but it is so slow and painful and gets dropped in 10 seconds. I wonder if there is something I'm not doing right. The minute I open the patio door and step inside, the connection is wonderful.

Oh well, at least this is a frustrating, but most likely overcome-able problem

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