Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No one can beat Godzilla

A picture is worth a 1000 words. But till I get that, here is the explanation :

Some meetings just seem to drag on and on and on and on I tell you. Today I was in this monkey discussion which seemed to be basically about how we could climb banana trees to get to the fruit instead of having a giraffe break them down for us.

Cryptic, cryptic.

Anyway - given how short my attention span is and I always start doodling even if something highly exciting is in the making. I picked up my thermocol glass and drew a flower with a cute little bunny next to it. Aww. I guess I was in a sober mood.

Two minutes later, I look at the glass and to my horror see that there was a shapeless monster about the devour the bunny!

Apparently I was not the only one looking to escape. My colleague, let's call her Lilac ( coz thats her favorite flower), had so deviously drawn said monstah on the cup!

I am not one to let monstahs wreck peaceful bunny lives. Powerpuff girl after all. So, soon we had a giant hairy, wart filled foot about to step on the monstah!!!

Not to be outdone, a fire that was about to burn the giant foot as it was about to step on the monstah that was about to eat the bunny appeared.

Followed by my aluminium watering can that was about to extinguish the fire.

This one took time to appear, but next thing you know, there was a recycling truck with "I <3 to eat Aluminium" written on it, about to get the can.

Call it being competitive or maybe we just ran out of space. I got the last word with Godzilla, saying he loves to eat trucks, about to eat the truck that was about to get the can that was about to water the fire that was about to burn the foot that was about to step on the monstah that was about to eat the bunny. And NO ONE CAN BEAT GODZILLA - GROWRRR!!!

Unresolved meeting issue : was the bunny going to eat the flower?

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