Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This week is commencement. Students all around me a excited about finally graduating and having their moment under the sun after years of hard work. (I imagine..the only real conversation I've had today was with a rat..an imaginary one at that) . At least I was super excited about getting my masters degree and actually bought a $39.99 (whoa!) suit. My aunts flew in for the occasion and they we even had a little party at home. ( All 4 roommates were graduating and so had relatives and such over.) But last year, I had an interesting experience. I was at the home of a relative, a very senior professor. He had to attend the graduating ceremony. And was not happy about it. He was not happy about the fact that he was going to have to sit on the stage, listening to endless 'inspiring' speeches, only to go up to the stage for 1 minute to 'hood' his students.
And thats when it struck me. Imagine, for a student graduating is something that happens 2, maybe 3 times in their lives. Professors have to go through the process over and over again. Is it
inevitable that you become so cynical about the process when you have to show up every year, that too all dressed up in uncomfortabe academic regalia.
I am going to have work extra hard in the lab. Because I'm going to attend my graduation (whenever that it) and I need to make up for putting my advisor through it. :)

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