Tuesday, June 17, 2008

As work proceeds at snail's pace..

I am at that stage where we finally need to get out that piece of data thats been analyzed and re analyzed to death. So finally I have it written out, and things look okay and now I’ve been told to look for an appropriate journal for the same. Some of the things I was told to look out for were

a) Accessibility to users from our Univ?

b) Look at the articles you’ve been citing frequently, and determine which journals they are coming from. Then narrow it down to one or two from those

c) Impact factor. I wasn’t told to look for it, but still I’m looking at the journals the lab has previously published in, and trying to find a journal that has a+b characteristics as well as an impact factor in the same range as previously published works. Narrowed it down to two journals so far, and sent it to boss. Hopefully the work gets published in the near future.

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