Thursday, June 19, 2008

Decisions decisions decisions...

So I am thinking about getting a new laptop.

Its a 3.5 yr old laptop and I have replaced the electric cord on it, added ram and some other things. In all, probably spent about $120 extra on those things.

Now frankly, it works just great, but has been hitting a few bumps lately. For but the past 2 days, the audio seems to be coming on and going off on its own.And yes, I've encountered the mysterious blue screen maybe once a year. So I wonder, even though this laptop 'fulfills' my needs, is it time to get a new one.

But somehow I'm hesitant, considering the fact that this one still does everything i need it to, and at a speed i am certainly not complaining about.

Now frankly I wouldn't have wondered about this but for the Macbook+ipod touch' deal. Getting those AND a free printer for 1k does not sound like a bad deal at all. Especially since my lil 700m is hiccuping the way it is.

On the other hand, I could get a free ipod touch in the next three months, so the free ipod touch deal suddenly becomes less lucrative...

I guess it depends on how long does a regular 700m lasts.

decisions decisions decisions..


Patrix said...

Get a new one before this one crashes on you when you least expect it.

BTW where do you get that deal of MacBook + iPod Touch. Pliss be emailing.

manuscrypts said...

a-ha, a self justification :p

Sqrl/TA said...

Thanks Patrix

And Manu, guilty.:(