Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dirty Kangaroo

Recent events that conspired reminded me once again that for some reason, family members consider me to be the 'freak in the family', while sqrl/TA is viewed as the angel/know-it-all/'good one'. Fact is that she just uses a cold front in the face of everyone else and then her evil, silly side seems to surface on the blogs and when with me.

For example, she just explained to me why and how tissues are grinded with mechanical blades for use in the labs. This, in spite of knowing my total fear of blood and blades concerning others. Somehow, that conversation led to the discovery that the infamous Dirty Kangaroo poem we used to sing in school ( and more often to decide who's 'den' it is while playing in a group) is not to be found online.

So I have been assigned the honor of posting this for the benefit of future 'dirty kangaroo' googlers and nostalgic desis. I guess it goes well with my history of horrible animal related posts.

Warning : It is possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever sung. No animals were hurt in the making of this poem - god knows who made it - certainly not the Australian Tourism Board!!!

Dirty Kangaroo

Kangaroo, Kangaroo, Dirty Kangaroo,
Sitting on the railway, doing number two!

Number two is dirrrrtyy, wash it in the sea,
Cut it into pieces and have it with your tea!

Side Note : Why do bollywood songs have "ROO ROO ROO ROOOOOOOO, ROO ROO ROO ROOOOOOO", as background fillers???!!!

Also - interview of Dirty Kangaroo hisself :
My Fav Song : Roo-ba-Roo
Fav Movie : Roo-Dali
What I want in life : Roo-pees, lots of Roo-pees
Where to find kangaroo sarees in Mumbai : Roo-pam
Fav actor : Shah Roo-k
Fav food - Roo-Mali roti


manuscrypts said...

rooh afza, anyone? while we watch a shemaroo video? :D

Sqrl/TA said...

wah wah!