Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Touristy mom

Mudder returns from a touristy trip to the UK. I am so damn proud of her. :) I always make plans to go somewhere nice, and then keep putting them off because a) I won't get leave b) It will eat into my India trip (too many of those happening, thanks to siblings and allies getting married).

At first, I was very apprehensive. But then I remembered who were talking about. This is the lady who went around NYC with a subway map and some cash and went around all the major points in the city and dragged dad along. At one point she decided she wanted to see the world famous Wall Street Bull (seriously, this guy is like the next Niagara Falls, inexplicable attraction point to the desis and Asians). So she just turned around and asked people 'Where is the bull?' To her credit she was in the wall street area, but seriously, what reaction did she expect. She calls me and goes 'hey I just asked a lady where the bull was and she said she didn't know which bull'. How can she be here and not know where the bull is.' ( well, actually it was sort of my fault. I had the total desi mentality and gave her half baked directions over the phone and then added a 'waha jaake kisi ko bhi pooch lena, bataa denge' at the end. )

But in the end, they made it to the Bull, and were very happy indeed.

This experience of hers made her more brave and she decided that this summer she could go to the UK. Dad put his foot down and refused any more adventurous travel, but mommy dearest had a friend who's going for a Europe tour, the friend is a very organized person, and they have common friends scattered all over the UK, who are more than willing to take them around. So she and friend I am told had a wonderful time out there. All I need is photographic evidence

This time when she did London though, my friends mom and dad took her around ( much like an insider's tour..they were visiting their daughter for a month, but live very close to my parents' place in Mumbai) I'm sure that wouldn't have stopped my mom from asking passersby random questions...I wonder though..what might she have asked? where is the queen? in any case, they all probably know the answer to that one.

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