Thursday, July 10, 2008

Puppies or weddings pictures?

Back in 1992 when I was a 12 yr old my youngest aunt was getting married in much pomp and all. Hours passed, and me and my sister dutifully fulfilled the roles of little flower girls, distributing flowers to one and all and generally having a ball throwing attar on women's silk sarees and akshata on bald men's heads. (of course there was some conflict resolution going on on the side..we had decided that the war between the TN team and the KB team had dragged on too long and a wedding was the perfect time to broker a peace deal).

While all that was real good fun nothing, really nothing, could come even a close second to 6 cuddly newborn puppies. I was 12 and my sister 10. Our maternal uncles ( who by the way were 19 and 22 at the time) convinced us that it would be superfun to go to another relatives house and name the 6 cuddly newborn puppies, and as a bonus, we would also meet Gauri, Shammi and Chikki. (Chikki was the puppies mom, Shammi HER mom and Gauri was the spinster grandaunt of the puppies).

We thought we'd be able to cut across to Bandra from Dadar, name the pups and come right back for the pictures, so we all slunk out. And off we went. But tell me, can a 12 or 10 year old keep track of time when something THIS cute is in her hands?

I blame my uncles for not keeping track of time.. and not taking us back to the wedding hall in time for my aunt's wedding pictures.. but honestly.. take a look at those puppies again.. you think a 22 year old guy can keep track of time surrounded by those cuties? I don't think so.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think we will EVER be forgiven by the couple!!! - chumkymonkey

Also,...that Gauri WAS a total BITCH!!!