Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random recruiter tales

A random recruiter probably got my contact information off one of the associations I am registered for. And now he keeps calling me every 4 months, asking me how much I have progressed and if I am getting such and such experience on my resume. I think I was just too kind when I talked to him before and said I will sent him some information, but now he just acts like he's my boss.. he asked me to send him my CV, something I haven't even looked at myself, so he could work on it. Dude! I am not ready. Back off! I just keep telling him I have no idea when I will graduate but he just doesnt get it as a sign to push off. Maybe its time to be more direct.And tell him I have little, if any, respect for people who use their initials as their names in professional settings.


manuscrypts said...

he must have targets.. inadvertent pun :D

sqrlnt said...

Oh yeah, of course he has targets..and i respect that.. i just wish i wasn't one :(