Thursday, August 28, 2008

So boss gave me some tips on how to select a they are..

How to select a journal for your publication, besides a decent impact factor that is.

It should be freely accessible to people in the University. If it is, then it is probably available in other universities as well.

look through the references in your manuscript and then narrow your choice down to the top 3 journals you have been citing from, and then select one of them, depending on the impact factor. ie, they aren't too big for you and not too small either.

Check which journals the lab has been publishing in before and if they are suitable for your current one.

My tip: make sure the journal's formatting style is included in endnote or else it is a heck of a pain to format things.

Slightly unrelated. sometimes I wonder it would be fun to have a lab blog and a blogroll for 'labs we like'.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lessons from Dreams

I know most people are not interested in other people's dreams, I apologize, this is actually a 'note to self'.

Last night I had a dream which that actually had a moral science lesson. This wasn't the fun dream I used to have as a child, where there was a well in our living room and skulls used to emerge from the well and have conversations with us. This was more human. A guy, I don't know who, was being tortured by some other people. ( not bad torture, just walk the plank types) and the final step was making the guy jump off a building from the terrace. The guy was made to stand at the ledge and the torturers were going to push him over at an 'unspecified time'. So the guy is thinking, screw all this, if I jump right now I will be spared of any other bad things these guys have planned for me. But just as he is about to jump, one of the sidekick torturers runs in and informs the main dude that this guy who's being tortured is actually the son of his 'really scary aunt'; a piece of information that makes the torturer all weak-kneed and allows for a hurried rescue of our tortured guy.

Seriously, torture and waiting to fall off an edge and then being suddenly let's too creepy to try to make sense of, but somewhere, I got a 'moral of the story' from all this. Don't given up on your own, you never know when a sudden twist of fate may improve your prospects.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Its a new semester. New beginnings. Its one of the advantages of being in a university, you get to 'start over' three times a year, make three new semester resolutions, instead of once a year new year resolutions.

So this semester I have a couple of work related resolutions.

1) Finish all the lab work that's related to my thesis.
2) Finish all the manuscripts.
3) Dress more professionally.

Only three things. Of which one is fluff. So that;s not so hard.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby names

These days there is a baby boom around me. And with each baby coming in, there is a controversy over the last name. Do we want to keep it as the father's family name? Or hyphen a mother's name to it? Or just have one long last name. One creative couple even named their kids as 'kid's first name, father's first name-mother's last name, father's last name' . While I love that concept, as I was watching a Freind's episode last night, I was reminded of 'Princess Consuela Banana hammock' , the name Phoebe changes to after she marries Mike. And in that , the officer tells her her name can be 'anything she wants' .SO I have decided. My future kid is going to have numeric last name. And it will immortalize the number of the house me and my husband conceived her/him in. He/she may then add to his/her kids last name, the number of the house the kids were conceived in. This will literally keep all the gharanas alive. Oh now I want to have a baby just so I can have her hate me for her unfortunate last name.
PS: I predict, 15 yrs from now, the world's going to have a lot of those kind of kids.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So mom wants to know whats going on in my life. Not much actually, but anything and everything is good for her. However, there is a problem.I have a verh short term memory. Especially when it comes to good gossip or fun things that happened. Additionally, mom is maha social and therefore almost never at home. So IM'ing her is not really an option. But she still wants to know. ( and I want to tell, if only I remembered)

So what's the answer? Twitter of course. I thought of that when I opened my account on Twitter and opened an account for her too. But she really isn;t using it. Which makes sense. I mean if she is online, she might as well use skype and call me, instead of reading 140 charac filled bakwaas from me.

But mataG is maha texter. As is everyone in Mumbai I guess. So what if I configure her a/c for receiving texts? How would that work? I'm guessing incomings are free, so it wont cost her but how do you turn SMSes off at night?

So many things to figure out, but on paper, it does seem like a good idea..any suggestions/input?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'd vote for her, if I could.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

In other things, is it just me, or is that actually Kareena Kapoor?

What's my style? (Not that it matters.)

I've been watching 'What not to Wear' for a while now. I used to like it for a while, but now it just seems like they take people with individuality and and transform them into people with 'admin style' know, the style of those nice admin assistants you see in offices, who all look like they went to jcpenny on the same day?

Personally I don't have a 'style' but at the same time, I know what I like. I don't like to dress in solids too much. I don't like to have a 'signature style'. Also, department stores make me claustrophobic. I'm better off shopping at New York & Co. or Ann Taylor than Macy's or JCPenny, just because there I don't feel like all the clothes are out to eat me. Surprisingly, Walmart is not as claustrophobic..not even the supercenter.

I love prints. And I try to stick to the 'regulation' of one solid piece + one print at a time. And I am not scared of experimenting with prints.

So there. To use a term I've recently learnt, bite me.

OH btw, endless surfing @,, and

In other things, I am thinking of starting a 'swear blog' in which I will use ALL the swear words I wanted to use in the day but couldn't. EFF EFF EFF. EFF you RIA.

And why the EFF is David Beckham endorsing EFFING Sharpies. oh wait, I actually could use the 'real words' in that sentence, so that stays on this blog. :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Unfinished thoughts

Saturday Mornings, a cup of coffee and a book. I am reading the chapter in which one of the protagonists mulls over books bought but never read. Which sit on the shelf, staring at you, sometimes angrily and sometimes pleading. I have many books of that kind. But I hope that one day, I will have given them away to someone who may turn their pages, slowly.

This particular book I have been reading for three weeks now, but have read only 173 pages so far. Not because it is a boring book, but because it is one of the most engaging books I've read in a long time. I am 'savouring' it.

But there is another book on which I might have spent the same amount of time, and read the same number of pages. But never completed the book. The name of that book is 'A Suitable Boy. By Vikram Seth. It is a book I have borrowed from the library many times, kept at my house through the loan period, and once even beyond. But I still cannot get beyond its first few pages. And then I find out the she has tried to read the same book four times, but each time got only as far as page 80.

It is too fat, the book. My hands hurt when I carried it from the library to home, and that took much of the excitement away. After that, I've tried to read it only to be able to keep up in conversations. but I have matured since then. If I cannot finish a book, it is acceptable. Trying to finish it would be like dragging a bad relationship. The sooner we part ways, the better.