Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby names

These days there is a baby boom around me. And with each baby coming in, there is a controversy over the last name. Do we want to keep it as the father's family name? Or hyphen a mother's name to it? Or just have one long last name. One creative couple even named their kids as 'kid's first name, father's first name-mother's last name, father's last name' . While I love that concept, as I was watching a Freind's episode last night, I was reminded of 'Princess Consuela Banana hammock' , the name Phoebe changes to after she marries Mike. And in that , the officer tells her her name can be 'anything she wants' .SO I have decided. My future kid is going to have numeric last name. And it will immortalize the number of the house me and my husband conceived her/him in. He/she may then add to his/her kids last name, the number of the house the kids were conceived in. This will literally keep all the gharanas alive. Oh now I want to have a baby just so I can have her hate me for her unfortunate last name.
PS: I predict, 15 yrs from now, the world's going to have a lot of those kind of kids.


manuscrypts said...

i've always recommended alphanumeric names.. symbolic of the age we live in :D

Sqrl/TA said...

yeah, manu. It could be first name alpha last name numeric. But the last name has to be pure numbers. better yet, divisible by a certain number, say 4.

So I take it, you're joining the change as well? ;)