Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lessons from Dreams

I know most people are not interested in other people's dreams, I apologize, this is actually a 'note to self'.

Last night I had a dream which that actually had a moral science lesson. This wasn't the fun dream I used to have as a child, where there was a well in our living room and skulls used to emerge from the well and have conversations with us. This was more human. A guy, I don't know who, was being tortured by some other people. ( not bad torture, just walk the plank types) and the final step was making the guy jump off a building from the terrace. The guy was made to stand at the ledge and the torturers were going to push him over at an 'unspecified time'. So the guy is thinking, screw all this, if I jump right now I will be spared of any other bad things these guys have planned for me. But just as he is about to jump, one of the sidekick torturers runs in and informs the main dude that this guy who's being tortured is actually the son of his 'really scary aunt'; a piece of information that makes the torturer all weak-kneed and allows for a hurried rescue of our tortured guy.

Seriously, torture and waiting to fall off an edge and then being suddenly let go..it's too creepy to try to make sense of, but somewhere, I got a 'moral of the story' from all this. Don't given up on your own, you never know when a sudden twist of fate may improve your prospects.

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