Thursday, August 28, 2008

So boss gave me some tips on how to select a they are..

How to select a journal for your publication, besides a decent impact factor that is.

It should be freely accessible to people in the University. If it is, then it is probably available in other universities as well.

look through the references in your manuscript and then narrow your choice down to the top 3 journals you have been citing from, and then select one of them, depending on the impact factor. ie, they aren't too big for you and not too small either.

Check which journals the lab has been publishing in before and if they are suitable for your current one.

My tip: make sure the journal's formatting style is included in endnote or else it is a heck of a pain to format things.

Slightly unrelated. sometimes I wonder it would be fun to have a lab blog and a blogroll for 'labs we like'.

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