Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So mom wants to know whats going on in my life. Not much actually, but anything and everything is good for her. However, there is a problem.I have a verh short term memory. Especially when it comes to good gossip or fun things that happened. Additionally, mom is maha social and therefore almost never at home. So IM'ing her is not really an option. But she still wants to know. ( and I want to tell, if only I remembered)

So what's the answer? Twitter of course. I thought of that when I opened my account on Twitter and opened an account for her too. But she really isn;t using it. Which makes sense. I mean if she is online, she might as well use skype and call me, instead of reading 140 charac filled bakwaas from me.

But mataG is maha texter. As is everyone in Mumbai I guess. So what if I configure her a/c for receiving texts? How would that work? I'm guessing incomings are free, so it wont cost her but how do you turn SMSes off at night?

So many things to figure out, but on paper, it does seem like a good idea..any suggestions/input?


manuscrypts said...

a 'my mom is a micro blogger' badge would be really cool :D

sqrlnt said...

that is true :) but do you know about the logistics of receving texts on your phone from twitter? I am little worried that she'll get extra charges fo no reason and I'll be to blame.
do you use the phone for twitter?