Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What's my style? (Not that it matters.)

I've been watching 'What not to Wear' for a while now. I used to like it for a while, but now it just seems like they take people with individuality and and transform them into people with 'admin style'..you know, the style of those nice admin assistants you see in offices, who all look like they went to jcpenny on the same day?

Personally I don't have a 'style' but at the same time, I know what I like. I don't like to dress in solids too much. I don't like to have a 'signature style'. Also, department stores make me claustrophobic. I'm better off shopping at New York & Co. or Ann Taylor than Macy's or JCPenny, just because there I don't feel like all the clothes are out to eat me. Surprisingly, Walmart is not as claustrophobic..not even the supercenter.

I love prints. And I try to stick to the 'regulation' of one solid piece + one print at a time. And I am not scared of experimenting with prints.

So there. To use a term I've recently learnt, bite me.

OH btw, endless surfing @ bluefly.com, endless.com, zappos.com and etsy.com

In other things, I am thinking of starting a 'swear blog' in which I will use ALL the swear words I wanted to use in the day but couldn't. EFF EFF EFF. EFF you RIA.

And why the EFF is David Beckham endorsing EFFING Sharpies. oh wait, I actually could use the 'real words' in that sentence, so that stays on this blog. :)

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